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Bold Report Viewer: A Microservice-Friendly Report Viewer
Bold Report Viewer: A Microservices-Friendly Report Viewer

Bold Report Viewer: A Microservice-Friendly Report Viewer

Microservices architecture has revolutionized the way we build applications, offering scalability, flexibility, and resilience. In this era of distributed systems, integrating a robust report viewer is crucial for effective reporting. The Bold Report Viewer emerges as an ideal choice for microservice-based reporting applications, offering a wide range of features and seamless integration capabilities. In this blog post, we will explore how the Bold Report Viewer empowers microservice architecture and enhances the reporting capabilities of distributed applications.

Microservice Architecture
Microservice Architecture

Benefits of Using Bold Report Viewer with Microservices

Decoupled Reporting Logic

By integrating the Bold Report Viewer with microservices, you can separate your reporting logic from your application logic. This decoupling improves scalability, performance, and maintainability.

Cost and Development Efficiency

Utilizing a single report viewer across all your microservices reduces development costs and streamlines maintenance efforts. The Bold Report Viewer offers a unified reporting solution for your entire application landscape.

Scalability and Performance

The Bold Report Viewer is designed to scale effortlessly, ensuring optimal performance even in large-scale microservice environments. It guarantees a seamless user experience for reporting tasks.

Security and Data Protection

The Bold Report Viewer ensures that your microservice-based reporting applications meet the highest standards of security and data protection. It provides the necessary measures for handling sensitive information.

Extensibility and Customization

The Bold Report Viewer provides a highly extensible platform, allowing you to tailor the reporting solution to meet the specific needs of your microservices. Customize and enhance the viewer as per your requirements.

Integration Steps

To leverage the Bold Report Viewer for microservice-based reporting applications, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a microservice endpoint.

Develop a dedicated microservice endpoint for efficient report generation. For guidance on building your microservice, refer to this link.

Step 2: Configure Bold Report Viewer

Configure the Bold Report Viewer to utilize the microservice endpoint for report rendering. Supported platforms include ASP.NET Core, JavaScript, Angular, Blazor,  React, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Webforms.

Step 3: Design Reports

Design dynamic reports by harnessing the potential of microservice endpoints for data retrieval and generation. Explore here for seamless report creation.


The Bold Report Viewer is an invaluable asset for microservice-based reporting applications. By integrating Bold Report Viewer with microservices architecture, organizations can unlock a range of benefits. The Bold Report Viewer empowers developers to build robust and secure reporting solutions within the distributed environment, ensuring efficient and effective reporting across their microservice landscape. Embrace Bold Report Viewer and take your microservices reporting capabilities to new heights.

Explore the Bold Report Viewer through our comprehensive documentation and immerse yourself in its live features with our interactive demo samples.

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