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What’s New in Bold Reports 5.4 December 2023 Release
What’s New in Bold Reports 5.4 December 2023 Release

What’s New in Bold Reports 5.4 December 2023 Release

Welcome to our latest update, Bold Reports 5.4! We’ve got some cool new features to show you. As technology improves, we’re always working to give you the best reporting tools for showing off your data. Let’s explore the new things in Bold Reports 5.4 that make it even better for creating and sharing reports!

Support for .NET 8.0

The Bold Reports suite, including the Report Viewer, Report Designer, and Report Writer, now supports the .NET 8.0 framework on web and desktop platforms, enhancing performance and functionality for seamless report creation and management.

Support for .NET 8.0 | Reporting Tools
Support for .NET 8.0

Report Designer

Shared dataset query parameters

We have introduced an option to configure report parameter properties, including data type, allow null, and multiple values, within the Dataset Query Parameter window. Additionally, we have enabled this window for the Shared Dataset Query Designer page on the Report Server.

Parameter dialog | Bold Reports
Parameter dialog

When importing a shared dataset, query parameters and user-defined parameters will be added to the Report Designer as parameters with configured values.

Parameters added to the Designer | Reporting Tools
Parameters added to the Designer

Report parts

We have added a dedicated category for report parts on the Reports page. Now you can edit or delete report parts individually and publish them on the server.

Report Parts | Reporting Tools
Report Parts

You can edit and publish an existing report part or publish it as a new report part separately by editing it in the Report Designer.

Tablix Report | Reporting Tools
Tablix Report

Report Viewer

Advanced filtering

Bold Reports has new, enhanced filtering options that take your data analysis capabilities to new heights. Whether you’re dealing with dates, multivalues, text, or lists, the upgraded parameter options offer unparalleled precision. From ‘between’ and ‘relative’ for date parameters to ‘in’ and ‘contains’ for multi-values, these new features empower you to fine-tune your reports with ease. Text and list parameters also benefit from expanded choices, ensuring you can filter and present your data exactly as needed.

The filtering options are configured within custom attributes, as shown in the following screenshot. In this example, we have set the custom property name as ShowOperatorParameters. Also, we have defined the custom property value as SalesAmount:greaterthan, where the parameter name is SalesAmount, and the operator default value is greaterthan.

Custom Attributes | Reporting Tools
Custom Attributes

Now, if we preview the report, we see the specified operator is added in the parameters.

Parameter | Reporting Tools

Breaking changes

We now support the Chromium-based engine Puppeteer for image and PDF export functionalities and are discontinuing support for PhantomJS. However, it’s important to note that the Chromium-based engine does not currently support Azure App Service or Linux ARMx64. For these cases, users can still use PhantomJS instead of Puppeteer. For detailed integration instructions with Puppeteer, please refer to our documentation.

Report Server

Grid layout

We have introduced a new table layout view for the reports listing page called the grid view. Users now have the flexibility to seamlessly switch between the grid and card views, enhancing their browsing experience.

Grid Layout | Reporting Tools
Grid Layout


We have enhanced customization for various security elements in Bold Reports. Users now have the flexibility to configure and tailor the following security items based on their specific requirements:

  • CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)
  • CSP (Content Security Policy)
  • X-Frame Options
CORS Policy | Reporting Tools
CORS Policy
Content Security Policy | Reporting Tools
Content Security Policy
X-Frame Options | Reporting Tools
X-Frame Options

Custom password policy

In this release, users now have the ability to configure password policies according to their organization’s IT guidelines. This ensures the creation of strong and secure passwords for user accounts.

Custom Password Policy | Reporting Tools
Custom Password Policy

Report Server offline support

The Bold Reports server now features the ability to operate offline when deployed on a machine without internet connectivity. This ensures uninterrupted functionality, even in scenarios where an internet connection is unavailable.


We are happy to present the new features in Bold Reports 5.4, and we hope you find these features helpful. Check them out and let us know what you think on XFacebook, and LinkedIn. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. You can also contact us through our contact page, or if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your question. To keep saving time on your reporting, stay tuned to Bold Reports.


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