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What’s New in Bold Reports 5.4.30 February 2024 Release
What’s New in Bold Reports 5.4.30 February 2024 Release

What’s New in Bold Reports 5.4.30 February 2024 Release

Bold Reports 5.4.30 has arrived with exciting new features, and we’re thrilled to share them with you! From improving functionalities to adding new ones, this release is designed to elevate your reporting game. Let’s dive in and explore what this update has in store for you!

Report Designer

Error correction level for 2D barcodes

We’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to configure the error correction level property in the QR and PDF417 barcode report items. The error correction levels for QR barcodes provide varying degrees of redundancy to ensure accurate decoding if the barcode is damaged or distorted. The levels are Low (for minimal damage), Medium, Quartile, and High (for significant damage).

QR barcode report item | Bold Reports
QR barcode report item

Similarly, the error correction levels available for PDF417 barcodes also determine the amount of redundancy added to ensure accurate decoding, even if parts of the barcode are damaged. There are four levels: 0 (least redundancy), 1, 2, and 3 (most redundancy).

PDF417 barcode report item | Reporting Tools
PDF417 barcode report item

Select the level based on the importance of the data, likelihood of damage, and available space. A higher correction level helps maintain data integrity.

Report Viewer

Handle huge amounts of data

The Report Viewer now supports virtualization, which lets it render big tables with millions of entries quickly. It does this by only showing a part of the data at a time and processing more when needed. We need to set the custom attribute property at the report level. The property name is PageCreation, and the value should be either OnDemand or Background.

Shows a part of the data at a time | Reporting Tools
Shows a part of the data at a time
Custom attribute property | Reporting Tools
Custom attribute property

Cumulative total calculation for flat data tables

We’ve added a new expression for calculating cumulative totals in a flat data table, which is a common operation in reporting. Cumulative totals are useful for tracking running sums of values over multiple pages. An example of how the new expression is used for an Order Quantity field is =Cumulative(Fields!OrderQty.Value,”SalesOrderDetail”).

Expression dialog | Reporting Tools
Expression dialog

We’ve also included a cumulative total as a custom property. To enable this, in the custom property dialog, set the Cumulative property to true.

Set custom property | Reporting Tools
Set custom property

If you’ve updated the custom property, there’s no need to include Cumulative in the expression.

No need to include Cumulative in the expression | Reporting Tools
No need to include Cumulative in the expression
Cumulative Total | Reporting Tools
Cumulative Total


We’re happy to share some of the new features in Bold Reports 5.4.30 with you and hope you find them helpful. You can check out more of the feature enhancements and bug fixes in our release notes. Let us know what you think on XFacebook, and LinkedIn. If you have any questions, leave a comment below, contact us through our contact page, or if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your question. To keep saving time on your reporting, stay tuned to Bold Reports.


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