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Bold Reports: A Spot in the Azure Marketplace
Bold Reports: A Spot in the Azure Marketplace

Bold Reports: A Spot in the Azure Marketplace

We’re thrilled to announce the availability of Bold Reports in the Azure Marketplace! Bold Reports is a powerful, SSRS-compliant reporting platform designed for creating, managing, embedding, and distributing reports seamlessly. It excels in environments where multiple clients or tenants require isolated and secure access to their reports. This makes it ideal for businesses with multiple users, such as SaaS providers, managed service providers, and large enterprises with many departments or branches.

Key Features

  • Easy SSRS RDL Migration: Follows Microsoft’s SSRS RDL/RDLC standard, allowing effortless, complete migration without any code.
  • Scalable Multitenant Architecture: Easily deploy multiple tenants with a single instance of the Bold Reports application.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate reports into any of your business applications built on top of development frameworks and commonly used platforms.
  • Visualize Insights: Build interactive reports with different widgets. Drill down into details to get deeper insights into your metrics.
  • Versioning: All items stored in the Report Server are versioned, allowing you to revert to previous versions when necessary.
  • User Management: Organize users into groups to reflect the structure of your organization accurately, whether large or small.
  • Scheduling: Generate and email reports based on schedules, ensuring timely and automated distribution in the desired format.
  • Flexible Permissions: Control permissions to read, write, and delete reports with a flexible permission scheme.

Benefits of Bold Reports in Azure Marketplace

  • Streamlined Deployment: Deploy Bold Reports directly from the Azure Marketplace within your existing Azure environment with just a few clicks.
  • Trusted Solution: Microsoft has reviewed Bold Reports for quality and compatibility with Azure services.

Bold Reports utilizes a licensing model with separate costs for the software license and Azure infrastructure. This approach provides flexibility to scale based on your unique needs.

Ready to elevate your reporting capabilities?

Explore Bold Reports in the Azure Marketplace today and discover how this modern platform can transform your data reporting efforts. Get started now!


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