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Efficient Multitenant Reporting: Streamlining Insights for All Tenants
Efficient Multitenant Report Distribution: Streamlining Insights Across Tenants

Efficient Multitenant Reporting: Streamlining Insights for All Tenants

In a business landscape driven by data, information is more than just stuff to collect—it’s essential for making the best decisions. Sharing information across departments or with clients becomes crucial as companies grow. This is where tools like Bold Reports shine with multitenancy, which makes it easy to manage and share reports among various groups. Bold Reports stands out for its user-friendly interface and advanced features, empowering businesses to distribute reports quickly and securely. Whether you’re an IT professional or a business analyst tasked with gathering intel to make pivotal decisions, multitenancy is essential to collaborating on and sharing mission-critical reports.

3 reasons why publishing reports across multiple tenants is necessary.

  1. Collaboration and communication

Sharing reports among tenants improves collaboration and communication between various departments and stakeholders. Granting access to identical data and insights allows teams to work together more seamlessly, minimizing misunderstandings and ensuring mission alignment across the board.

  1. Data-driven decision-making

Publishing reports across tenants allows decision-makers to access critical data from various sources, providing a comprehensive view of the organization’s information. This results in making decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

  1. Time and effort savings

Publishing reports across multiple tenants saves time and work by centralizing reporting efforts, automating processes, and standardizing practices. This approach eliminates the need for managing separate reporting structures, reduces manual work, ensures consistency, and speeds up access to insights, benefiting both administrators and end users.

How to publish reports across tenants

You can freely and securely share reports to sites created in the same Bold Reports Report Server. To publish a report to one or more sites, in the Reports grid, open the three-dot menu associated with the report you want to publish and select Publish.

Report publish option used to share the report with multiple tenants.
Report Publishing Option

The Publish Report to Other Sites dialog will open. Make sure the Internal Site option is selected and then click Next. After that, select the sites you want to publish the report to and configure the settings for the shared report. Once you’ve set everything up, click Submit.

Refer to this documentation for a detailed guide on publishing reports to internal sites.

View the statuses of published reports

You can view the statuses of published reports on the Published Resources page, which is accessed by clicking Publish in the left navigation bar. The published resources are listed in the grid and grouped by the Report by default.

Navigation option to open the Published Resources page to show the list of published reports.
View Published Reports Statuses

View publishing information and history

You can also see a report’s publishing information and publish history on the Published Resources page. To view this information, click the Action icon in the grid and select Info.

Info option in a report’s action menu.
View a Published Report’s Information


Publishing Info dialog displaying the report’s publishing information.
Published Report Information

To view the published history of a report, click the report’s Action icon in the grid and select Publish History.

The Publish History option associated with a published report.
Publish History Option
A table showing a report’s publish history.
A Report’s Publish History

How to synchronize updates between published reports on other sites

When you make changes to an original report, you can propagate the changes to any other sites where the report is published by using the Synchronize option in the Published Resources page.

A report’s synchronize option for synchronizing changes across published sites.
Synchronize Changes to Published Sites

Synchronizing published reports ensures data consistency, streamlines report maintenance and facilitates regulatory compliance. Organizations can ensure that the data shared across different sites remains up-to-date and consistent, simplifying report maintenance and reducing miscommunication.

If you want to remove a published report from Bold Reports, click a report’s Action icon in the Published Resources grid and select Remove.


Context menu showing the option to remove a published report.
Remove a Published Report


Multitenant report distribution is not just about delivering reports; it’s about providing the right information to the right tenant at the right time in a secure and efficient manner. Organizations that master this approach with Bold Reports stand to gain a competitive edge.

Bold Reports offers a 15-day free trial with no credit card required. We welcome you to start one and experience Bold Reports for yourself.


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