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How Bold Reports Transformed an Information Technology Department with Embedded Reporting
Information Technology Department with Multitenant Embedded Reporting

How Bold Reports Transformed an Information Technology Department with Embedded Reporting

Industrial companies, especially those in oil and gas, rely on efficient data analysis to thrive. However, traditional reporting solutions can be cumbersome and expensive. One company faced this challenge when they wanted to add multitenant embedded reporting to their client-facing application. Their IT team concluded that an on-premises solution required too significant an investment in infrastructure and maintenance.

Bold Reports by Syncfusion provided a cloud-based solution that transformed their reporting. With its easy maintenance and automatic updates, Bold Reports eliminated the need for new server and dedicated IT personnel. The company achieved a seamless integration of reporting directly into their application, enhancing the user experience for their clients.

  • Streamlined Operations: 20% faster report generation and simplified collaboration saves time and resources.
  • Reduced Costs: Cloud-based solution eliminates server needs and additional licensing fees.
  • Seamless Integration: Reports are easily embedded directly into client-facing applications.
  • Advanced Functionality: Powerful reporting features give valuable insights at a fraction of the cost.

Ready to see how Bold Reports can revolutionize your IT department? Read about this IT department success story to see a detailed breakdown of their challenges, solutions, and results.

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