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Subreports: Your Secret Weapon for Supercharged Reporting
Subreports: Your Secret Weapon for Supercharged Reporting

Subreports: Your Secret Weapon for Supercharged Reporting

Reports are super important in today’s data-driven world, where things change fast, and companies have tons of information to deal with. But making reports that are clear and useful can be tough, especially when you have so much data! That’s where subreports come in—they’re an under-utilized tool that can make your reports way better. In this blog post, we’ll explore what subreports are, why they matter, and how they can elevate your reporting game to new heights.

Understanding subreports

Subreports are reports that provide more detailed information about the data summarized in a report. They allow you to break down complex information into smaller, more manageable parts. Think of subreports as specialized tools that can seamlessly integrate into your main report, enhancing its depth and providing a more granular view of the data.

There are three steps to using subreports in Bold Reports:

  1. Create a main report: This will contain summarized information and be known as the main or parent report.
  2. Create a subreport: The subreport has more detailed insight into specific data from the main report based on records, departments, etc. The subreport links with parameters to filter its records based on the parent’s data.
  3. Embed or link the subreport to the parent report : Subreports can be embedded in the parent report through the subreport item or linked with the parent report.

Benefits of using subreports

Modularity and reusability

Subreports promote modularity by allowing you to create smaller, self-contained reports that focus on specific aspects of your data. This modular approach makes it easier to maintain and update individual components without affecting the entire reporting structure. Additionally, once you’ve created a subreport, you can reuse it across multiple main reports, saving time and effort.

The following figure is an example of a subreport designed for reusability. In this case, a single design has been utilized in one report to display two different sets of information. You can learn more about creating subreports from the blog post “Creating SSRS Subreports Using Bold Reports Designer.”

Subreport Modularity
Subreport Modularity

Enhanced data analysis

With subreports, you can dive deeper into the details of your data. Instead of overwhelming your audience with a massive report, you can present key information in a hierarchical manner. Users can start with an overview in the main report and then explore specific sections through linked subreports, providing a more interactive and informative experience.

Improved performance

Large and complex reports can sometimes be resource-intensive and slow to generate. By breaking down the report into smaller subreports, you can optimize performance. Subreports are only loaded when requested, reducing the overall load on your reporting system and ensuring faster response times.

Personalized reporting

Subreports enable you to tailor reports to different stakeholders or user roles. You can create a main report that addresses common metrics and concerns, while individual subreports cater to the specific needs of different departments or team members. This personalized approach ensures that each user gets the most relevant information.

The following image is an example of a subreport designed for a specific user. It demonstrates a customer support analysis subreport with SSRS drill-through capabilities for exploring detailed information about team members.

Personalized reporting
Personalized reporting

Dynamic report generation

Subreports can be dynamically generated based on user input or parameters. This flexibility allows you to create reports that adapt to changing criteria or conditions, providing real-time insights and ensuring that your reports remain relevant and valuable.


In reporting, subreports are a powerful tool for those seeking to deliver more effective, dynamic, and insightful analyses. By leveraging the modularity, enhanced data analysis capabilities, improved performance, and personalized reporting that subreports offer, you can elevate your reporting game and provide stakeholders with the information they need to make well-informed decisions. Make subreports your secret weapon for supercharged reporting and unlock a new level of data-driven success in your organization.

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