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What’s New in 2019 Bold Reports v1.1 – Report Designer

What’s New in 2019 Bold Reports v1.1 – Report Designer

Syncfusion is excited to share that the new Report Designer is now available for the on-premise edition of our Report Server from Bold Reports v1.1 onward. The Bold Report Designer provides a modern, web-based, and user-friendly environment for creating and customizing the RDL and RDLC reports inside web browsers interactively.

A report collects data from various data sources and presents it to end-users in a way that is understandable and ready for easy, efficient, and accurate analysis in order to make faster decisions. Our modern and easy-to-use design capabilities allow users to generate precisely formatted, beautiful reports with important features such as tablix (tables), lists, and data-visualization elements. In this blog article, let’s discuss the functionalities available for interacting with reports.

WYSIWYG designer

A WYSIWYG Bold Report Designer allows perfect positioning, sizing, and aligning of report items. The design area has improved the flexibility of report designing with gridlines and snap-to-grid to simplify positioning and aligning report elements.

Report design area with header and grid-lines enabled
Report design area with header and grid-lines enabled

Connect to your data

Explore your data from the server. With connections to major data providers (SQL, Oracle, OLEDB, ODBC, and ), Report Designer lets you create reports with a wide range of data sources.

Supported data source types
Supported data source types

We have our built-in sample data-sources in Bold Reports on-premise edition to get started easily with our Report Designer. You can explore and choose any data source for report designing.

Explore sample data option
Explore sample data-sources

Build data queries with ease

Data set query preparation can take a lot of your time. But with Report Designer’s SQL query builder, data query generation can be done with a few clicks. Reclaim time in your day.

bold-reports query-builder
Creating SQL queries with visual query builder

Drag-and-drop styling and formatting

Design your report with formatting and free-form layout to maximize the report’s clarity. The web-based Report Designer comes with a design surface that allows perfect positioning, sizing, and aligning of report items in a report. Users can easily arrange report items on the design surface using the simple drag-and-drop operation and the enhanced toolbar alignment options available to design a report with proper alignment.

Toolbar alignment options
Toolbar alignment options

Charts, tablix, sub-reports, and more

Bold Report Designer comes with a set of data visualization, data region, and basic report items to build reports efficiently:

  • Basic Items – text box, image, line, and rectangle.
  • Data region items – tablix, matrix (pivot), and list.
  • Data visualization – 20+ chart types.
  • Subreport.
  • Custom report items – barcode and QR code.
Report items
Report items

Rich user interface

Report Designer provides a rich, user-friendly interface to transform your data easily into beautiful reports using configuration options such as the property panel, data configuration panel, and image manager.

Rich user interface of report designer
The rich user interface of Report Designer

Report styling and data assigning

The properties and data pane significantly simplify report setup and styling. All report items come with a property pane to customize appearances and edit item properties. The data visualization items have a data pane to set data values, groups, sorting, and filters. Also, tablix items have styling options, such as apply formatting by selecting specific cells, rows, or columns.

Report parameters or report filters

Users can interactively input values to customize the contents or appearance of a report using report parameters. This allows users to filter, sort, and group report data interactively at run time, and modify data presentation. It also can be used within property expressions.

Built-in expression builder

Bold Report Designer provides a built-in expression builder that allows you to create simple and complex RDL and RDLC expressions. Expressions are used throughout the report definition to vary the content or appearance of a report. The following are some usages of expressions:

  • Use expressions to set a dynamic value to many properties, including color, font, and borders.
  • Use them to create additional operations such as mathematical computation, conditional formatting, and conversions.
  • They allow you to use constants, built-in fields, parameters, fields, datasets, variables, operators, common functions, etc.
Creating sum aggregate expression for chart Y-axis value
Creating sum aggregate expression for chart y-axis value

Interactive reports

Users can create a report with a RDL and RDLC report’s extremely powerful interactive features such as hyperlinks, drill through, and drill down to display data and information in detail.

Interactive reports

You can explore the drill-through functionality in our sample Customer Support Analysis report

Create once and share with anyone, anywhere

Create reports and publish them to the Report Server on-premises or embed reports into existing applications or websites for viewers to consume on the go.

Export reports for sharing

Reports can be exported to common formats like PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, and HTML for further data analysis and report sharing.

Export reports for sharing
Export reports and share with everyone

The Report Designer allows users to view and interact with their reports in any modern web browser with a more optimized user interface. We built a demo site for the Report Server, Report Designer, and Viewer with our own set of categorized reports with random data. You can explore, create, edit, view, share, and embed these reports here.

You can also find the 2019 Volume 1 Bold Reports install download link here. Try out our brand-new Report Designer and leave us your valuable feedback or questions in the comments section below.


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