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What’s New in the Bold Reports v4.1 Release
What’s New in the Bold Reports v4.1 Release | Reporting Platform

What’s New in the Bold Reports v4.1 Release

Syncfusion is very excited to announce that the April 2022 Bold Reports v4.1 release is out now, delivering new support and features. This blog provides an overview of the latest updates. We hope to reveal a couple of surprises!

New Blazor sample browser

We are shipping a brand new Blazor sample browser for our reporting components, in which you can design, view, export, and more with the RDL reports.

Online sample browser:

Installed location: <sample installation path>\Samples\Blazor

Blazor Sample Browser | Bold Reports | Reporting Platform
Blazor Sample Browser

Embedded Reporting

The Bold Reports Report Designer, Report Viewer, and Report Writer come with the latest .NET 6.0 Framework support for web and desktop platforms.

Cloud Reporting

We have exposed APIs to auto-synchronize Azure AD users and groups hourly, save Azure Active Directory settings, save email (SMTP) settings, import Azure AD Groups, generate embed secret keys, and favorite or unfavorite reports.

Report Designer

Security improvements

Report Designer security has been increased with:

  • Protection from cross-site scripting attacks.
  • Prevention of local file inclusion (LFI), which is also known as avoiding path traversal attacks.
  • Improved security protocols for read and write APIs.
  • Improved authentication access validation for Bold Reports service end points.
  • Resolution of the file protocol access attack with URL fields in Report Designer file data sources.
  • Improved validations on report serialization calls to filter anonymous data.

Custom legend text support

We’ve included the custom legend text property in the chart series properties to customize the series legend text.

Custom legend text support | Bold Reports | Reporting Platform
Custom legend text support

 Tab UI

We provided a tab UI for the data source and data set panels to enhance the user experience.

Data source and data set panel | Bold Reports | Reporting Platform
Data source and Data set panel

Axis maximum and minimum values

Set maximum and minimum values on a chart axis with maximum and minimum properties.

Axis maximum and minimum | Bold Reports | Reporting Platform values
Axis maximum and minimum values

Load image as base-64

A client-side API loads images through XMLHTTPRequest to avoid sending data through URLs. Set the enableImageBlobing property to true to load images through XMLHTTPRequest.


<div id="container"></div>

  enableImageBlobing: true

Multiple-value filtering with report filters

The multiple-value filtering support was improved for the IN operator to separate values based on the current local culture separator.

Multiple-value filtering with report filters | Bold Reports | Reporting Platform
Multiple-value filtering with report filters

Hide code module and filter data source

A server-side API hides code modules and filters data sources.

public class ReportingAPIController : ApiController, IReportDesignerController, IDesignerSettings
 public void InitializeSettings(DesignerSettings designerSettings)
  designerSettings.DisableCodeModule = true;
  designerSettings.FilterDataConnectors = new List<string>(){ "SQL","Excel" };


We are excited to share these updates in Bold Reports v4.1 with you, and we hope you find them useful. Check them out and let us know what you think on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or Instagram. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. To keep saving time with your reporting solutions, stay tuned to Bold Reports.


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