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Blazor Report Designer / Query Builder

Create data models with query builder

Blazor Report Designer

Query builder helps you create queries to feed data to a report with a few clicks. It’s an interface between the actual database and the end user. The queries will not affect the actual database; they only fetch data from it.

What you can do with query builder​

SQL query builder

The SQL query builder is a convenient drag-and-drop user interface that helps both technical and nontechnical users create and view relationships between tables with just a few clicks. It provides both graphical and text-based modes to create SQL queries easily.

SQL Query Builder
Graphical query designer

Graphical query designer

The graphical query designer displays a hierarchical view of tables, views, and procedures available in the database for interactively building queries. A simple drag and drop to the query design view will generate the queries for your data set.

Text-based query designer

The text-based query designer lets you write queries in the query syntax that is supported by the data source. A built-in data preview option is available to view the query results.

Text-based query designer
SQL table relationships

Table relationships

The query builder provides a dialog interface to manage relationships between tables. You can choose the column names to join the tables.

Query filter

Provides a user interface to add filters to a data set to limit data. The filter criteria specified in a data set is automatically added to the query during execution.

SQL query filter
SQL query parameters

Query parameters

Provides a user interface to add or manage query parameters for a data set. The query parameters take values at runtime to filter the data. You can use the following parameters in data set queries:

Query expression

Allows you to manipulate existing data columns using operators and built-in functions to create a new calculated measure field.

SQL query expression
Customized query deisgner

Customize query designer

The Blazor Report Designer supports extending the functionalities of the query designer. It allows users to enable a graphical database view for any required data source type that does not have native support.