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ASP.NET Core Report Designer

Create data model with query builder

The ASP.NET Core Report Designer provides a graphical or text-based query builder for each data provider. It helps you to specify which data to retrieve from a data source. Query builder lets you to interactively build a query to a data set in less time.

SQL query builder

The SQL query builder comes with a convenient user interface that helps both technical and nontechnical users to create and view relationships between tables with a few clicks. It contains both graphical and text-based mode to create SQL queries easily.

ASP.NET Core Report Designer SQL query builder
ASP.NET Core Report Designer Graphical query designer

Graphical query designer

You can explore the database tables in hierarchical view and interactively build the queries for a data set. A simple drag-and-drop of tables to the query design view will generate the queries for your dataset.

Text-based query designer

The text-based query designer lets you write queries in the query syntax that is supported by the data source. You can preview the query result by executing the query. This is the default mode available for built-in data sources except SQL.

ASP.NET Core Report Designer Text-based query designer
ASP.NET Core Report Designer Table relationship

Table relationship

You can use one or more related tables to create queries. Query builder provides a dialog interface to manage relationship between sets of two tables. You can specify the column names to join two tables.

Query filter

Provides a user interface to add filters to a dataset to limit data. The filter criteria mentioned in a data set is automatically added to the query during execution.

ASP.NET Core Report Designer Query filter
Query parameter support in ASP.NET Core Report Designer

Query parameter

Provides a user interface to add or manage query parameters to a data set. The query parameter takes values at run-time to filter the data. You can also add user defined parameters for internal data set query related calculations.

Customize query designer

The ASP.NET Core Report Designer supports extending the functionalities of the query designer. It allows users to enable graphical database view for required data source type that does not have native support.

Customize query designer support in HTML5 ASP.NET Core Report Designer