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Embed Reporting Solutions for Every Business

Embed powerful reporting in your organization’s software to transform and visualize all of your business data and distribute reports to make faster, insight-driven decisions.

Embedded Report

Visualize data in 360°

Empower users to act based on up-to-the-minute data without having to switch contexts.

Tables and matrices (pivot tables)

Display data from a data set in cells that are organized into rows and columns by using a table or matrix. Use item-specific features like multiple grouping and sorting, section totals, and repeating headers to make the report more readable.


Arrange report items to create a form with text boxes, images, and other data regions placed within the list to build a free-form layout.


Graphically represent data in a wide array of charts to present it clearly and concisely. Bold Reports supports 20+ commonly used chart types (column, line, shape, area, bar, range, scatter, polar, and more) available in the SSRS RDL/RDLC standard.


Display a child report or any another report inside the body of a main report. Create side-by-side and master-detail reports by passing parameter values from the parent to the child report.

Sparklines and data bars

Visualize the key performance indicator values in little space. The state of data is presented elegantly in the form of progress information in a table.


Visualize business data against a geographical background. Render beautiful maps that display locations only, or a bubble map that varies bubble size based on data values.

Multicolumn reports

The user can visualize data across multiple adjacent columns such as in mail merge, business cards, and newspapers.

Indicators (KPI)

Render small gauges to convey the state of a single data value at a glance. You can use indicator icon sets such as trends, conditions, ratings, and states to suit your needs.


Display a single value from your data set. You can render linear and radial gauges as nested data regions and individual elements in reports like for KPIs in performance reports.

Letter reports

This simple form of a format report reflects the outline or detailed information of a discussion or agreement.

Basic items

Render basic report items like images, text boxes, lines, and rectangles in free-form layouts or within table cells to provide a better appearance, highlight key information, or coordinate related information.

Custom report items (bar codes)

RDL provides a way to extend natively supported report item functionality, write a new custom report item to be used in your own controls, or both. For example: barcode and QR barcode.

Connect to any data

Data preparation often involves substantial effort. Bold Reports offers data preparation features that make your job easier. With Bold Reports, there is no requirement to bring all your data into one data store. You can connect to a data store of your choice directly, saving you time and effort.

SQL and NoSQL databases

Access data from all common data stores, such as SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB.

REST API services

Seamlessly connect and access data from any of the REST API sources created by yourself or publicly available.

Data warehouses

Directly connect to data warehouse systems such as Google Big Query and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Data files

Use data files such as those created using Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML, and JSON.

Custom data sources

Build your own data source connectors to retrieve data from a desired data store.

Interactive and parameter-driven reports

Users can interact with paginated reports at runtime to narrow down to specific data.

Report parameters

Interact with reports on the fly to modify the data exported from RDL/RDLC reports using parameter types such as cascading, queried, nonqueried, and multivalued.

Drill down

Users can expand or collapse report items, rows, and columns associated with a group in a table or matrix.

Drill through

Users can open a report by clicking the link within the main report.


Click to open external webpages in a browser window that shows the provided static or dynamic URL’s value expression.


Navigate to different parts of the report by adding bookmarks to each text box, image, table, or chart or to the unique group values displayed in a tablix.

Document map

Displays a separate side pane with a set of navigation links in hierarchical structure, which enables users to navigate around the report by clicking the links.

Interactive sorting

Table report items are displayed with sort icons in a column header or group header cell, enabling a user to sort and reverse the sort order of a column.

Nested data regions

Report items (e.g., charts) can be placed inside another data region, such as a tablix, to link more than one data region to the same data set. This provides different views of the same data.

Designed for embedding

Bring your business application, website, or portal and analytics together with the embedding capabilities of Bold Reports.

Deep embedding

Powerful reporting tools utilize the server REST APIs to embed reports easily into your application without any shortcuts.

Iframe embedding

Embed the reporting functionalities within your business application with the provided iframe code.


Use built-in, flexible API options to customize Bold Report’s appearance and behavior to blend with your application.

Multiple export formats

Save professional reports in the most commonly used file formats and share them with analysts and users so they can build action plans to meet their business goals.

Export formats

Export reports in the most common formats: PDF, Excel, CSV, Word, PowerPoint, XML, and HTML.

Silently print reports​

End users can silently print reports without rendering them in a webpage.

Print preview

Customize the print and export settings in preview.

White label and distribute

Bold Reports can be white labelled. It can be easily branded as your own.

Globalization & localization

Easily build applications to be used by a global audience in various languages using culture settings and localizing static text.

UI customization

Completely customize the navigation panel of the Report Server to reflect your organization’s look and feel.

Email templates

Customize or create new email templates based on your stakeholder preferences.

Logos and copyright

You can rebrand the logos and copyright information of the Bold Report Server for your organization.


Redistribute our BI reporting with your product with silent installation.

Deploy anywhere

Choose the deployment environment that best suits your needs.


The Report Server can be deployed on your company servers. Such deployments are completely self-contained and do not require any connection to any other environment outside your control.

Cloud neutral

The Report Server is truly cloud neutral. If you choose to deploy on a public cloud, you can do so with ease. Deploy on Azure, Amazon Web Services, the Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, and more.


Report Server is available as a Docker image. You can run it as a local Docker image for easy development access or deploy using a container management system.


The Report Server supports Kubernetes out of the box. You can deploy on any container service that is Kubernetes-compatible.


The Report Server can be installed directly on a Linux server.


The Report Server can be directly installed on a Windows server. Install on a virtual machine in the cloud or on a physical machine.

Azure App Service

The Report Server can also be configured for deployment on the Azure App Service platform. Bold Reports can transparently scale in accordance with your needs.

User management

With Bold Reports, every aspect of deployment and routine management, such as provisioning tenants, users, groups, and permissions, can be fully automated through a rich API layer.

Users and groups

Use role assignments to limit access to published resources. A flexible user interface lets you create, manage, and synchronize existing user modules.


Directly add permissions to both users and groups in the access modes, entities, and scopes.

Common UMS

The user management system allows us to manage common users both for Bold BI and Bold Reports.


You have granular control over access permissions and data security at rest or in transit.

Data is always 100% in your control

Your data is always in your control. You can host the entire product, including all data, within your private data center or your public cloud accounts with absolutely no access provided to anyone else, including Syncfusion.

Row-level security

With row level security, you can filter rows based on filter criteria usually tied to users or groups. This allows for using the same report but with unique permission-based data for each scope.

Single sign-on

You can integrate your current security infrastructure seamlessly when using Bold Reports.

Encryption at rest

Every Bold Reports product installation will generate unique private keys during installation. These private keys will be used to encrypt and store sensitive data.

Encrypted traffic

Client to server, server to database, and other resource access can all be configured to use SSL.

Trusted authentication

Authentication verifies user identity. Any access to any resource within the Bold Reports system requires authentication. Such authentication can use built-in providers or be delegated to existing security infrastructure.

Secure document

Securely export documents spanning a range of low to high encryption standards.

Easy migration from SSRS

Bold Reports utilizes the Microsoft SSRS RDL/RDLC standard that allows effortless, complete migration.

SSRS RDL/RDLC standard

Bold Reports was built with the Microsoft SSRS RDL/RDLC XML schema standards.

Reuse reports

Reuse reports from Microsoft SSRS in Bold Reports or vice versa without recreating them.

Zero effort

No code or effort and a minimal learning curve are required to migrate from Microsoft SSRS.


Collaborative business intelligence lets your whole team look at its metrics and discuss them easily and productively. Post comments and replies right where your metrics are displayed.

Interactive comments

Collaborate with other users by adding comments to the reports.

Sharing as URLs

Share BI reporting in a secure manner with other stakeholders as a link.

Notification and alerts

Schedule email alerts to be automatically sent according to configurable rules, right to your inbox.


Embedded reporting needs to be customizable and extensible to meet the needs of enterprise applications. Bold Reports provides features that make it especially suited for embedded use.

Authentication protocols

Bold Reports supports a variety of directory systems and protocols including Azure Active Directory, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect. Your application users can seamlessly authenticate with single-sign-on integration.

Supports modern web frameworks

Bold Reports supports most commonly used development platforms both on the server and client sides. Supported environments includes Microsoft .NET/.NET Core, Angular, React, Vue, Blazor, and more.


Apply application-specific theming to make the Bold Reports user interface an integral part of your application.

Data source options

Expose data sources exactly as you desire to with our data source access APIs. You do not have to expose the complete interface. Control what is exposed.

UI customization

The product is completely customizable and will blend seamlessly with the rest of your application.


Bold Reports provides full API access to the entire system. You can use these APIs to access and display Bold Reports elements and data from within your application UI without using prebuilt Bold Reports components.

Report distribution

Use a simple user interface to manage and share data entities on demand or on a predefined schedule with stakeholders.

Automate emails

Schedule and share reports with different stakeholders, right to their inbox via email, at regular intervals to stay on top of your data.

Automation in file system

Take control of your exported report and store it in the file system location you want.

File formats

Export reports to a wide range of formats. Encrypt and compress documents to secure data.

WYSIWYG designer

Create stunning reports with no IT skill needed using the powerful, interactive Report Designer. Pull metrics and visualize KPIs, building custom reports with no coding effort.

Drag and drop

The intuitive designer provides a drag-and-drop interface with which any user can get comfortable. Any report item can be added to the designer canvas and configured.

Styling and formatting

The WYSIWYG user interface allows the report to be edited in the same UI it is printed or displayed. Furthermore, you can easily edit a report with mouse, touchscreen, or keyboard interfaces.

Query builder

The easy-to-use query designer interface allows users to create and view relationships between data with a few clicks.

Expression builder

Design and customize report data and report presentations at runtime using parameter-based expressions.

Column prompting

You can easily change the measures, dimensions, and appearance of the table columns using dynamic expressions.

Editing capabilities

Editing a report and its report items is simple, with support for basic editing operations such as cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo.

Data shaping

Organize and shape data using the following techniques: sorting, filtering, grouping, summaries, and aggregates.

Inter-row calculations

Populate new rows and columns based on the previous row’s or column’s data value.

Calculated fields

Add new fields that derive their value by performing a function on values from other data table fields.


Manage costs with a predictable and simple pricing model.

Competitive pricing

Bold Reports offers low-cost pricing that suits startups and small businesses. No hidden costs, no surprises.


Generate a one-time license token and register it in your application. No further changes are required in your deployed server.


Register an offline license key within your application to perform validation behind your firewall.

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