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For the following expression (Latitude and Longitude are varchar elements expressed as (-)##.###):

=CStr(First(Fields!Latitude.Value, "LocationInfo")) + " " + CStr(First(Fields!Longitude.Value, "LocationInfo"))

In SSRS, this will be displayed as "##.### -##.###. (as expected)

In BoldReports, the expression attempts to add the values together.  This happens regardless of using CStr, Str, or no function, which should not be necessary since these are varchar fields.

For the expression "First(Fields!Status.Value, "StatusData")",  where Status is defined as a bit field,

SSRS will interpret this as 1 / 0

BoldReports will interpret this as True / False.

In this latter issue, I understand there can be an argument about which one is the better interpretation, but with regards to migrating my many .rdl files, it makes the process more difficult to trust the migration and caused erroneous data to be displayed.