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I am suggesting a change to the Export Setup dialog in Report Viewer.  

In the current dialog, the user is shown an Image Quality selector, which is a  numeric list with options of 1 through 10.  Beside that is the label "dpi".  

There are several problems with this:

  1. For the user to understand that the options are 1 through 10 they are required to move through the spinner in both directions.  A dropdown list would be more intuitive.
  2. The label "dpi" has no meaning in the context of 1 through 10.  If the user is supposed to select a DPI value, then the dropdown values should be for example, 150, 300, 600, 1200.  "2 DPI" or "5DPI" doesn't mean anything even to educated users.
  3. If the user is supposed to select 1-10 as the output quality, there should be some guidance here for making a choice.  For example instead of simply 1 the choice might be "1 - Draft Quality".  Some users will figure out that 1 is probably Draft, 5 is Middle Quality, and 10 is best.  But a user who is not technically savvy will not understand this.

My suggestions would be either:

  1. Three option buttons to indicate, Draft, Standard, or Best quality, with Standard as the default selection.  OR
  2. A dropdown list with a few standard DPI values such as 150, 300, or 600, with 300 as the pre-selected value.

Most users will only get confused if more than three choices are presented, and the use case does not require more than low-middle-best quality choices in my opinion.

I hope this is useful feedback.