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Front End: Angular Back End: .net Core 3.1  Bold Version: 3.3.32

Drill Through links from cells in Tablix Rows call the target report but do not send any parameters. Drill through from “standalone” text boxes work OK. The attached images (four in the one file) illustrate the problem. They were generated using the rdl files from this article in the Bold blog.

OkParams is a screen grab of

what the Chrome Developers Tools Network shows the request to be  
when a Drill Through link in a “standalone” (i.e. not in a Tablix) link is clicked – “parameters” is set.

NullParams is a screen grab of
the same request
when a Drill Through link in a Tablix cell is clicked - “parameters” is null. To rule out a problem with the the population of the parameter value from the data set, I experimented with hard coding the value (all rows would have the same parameter value). The result was the same - “parameters” is null.

To further illustrate the issue I am including two more images. OkParamsBP is a screen grab of a browser debug session for the “standalone” case. It shows “actionInfo” containing a populated “Parameters” array.  NullParamsBP is a screen grab of a browser debug session for the Tablix case - “actionInfo Parameters” is null.