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I am seeing syntax errors with the following valid SSRS expression


=First(Fields!HierTypeName.Value) & " Level (HierId " & First(Fields!HierId.Value) & ")"

The report item has invalid expression : Level (HierId " & First(Fields!HierId.Value) & ")

If I remove the last closing parentheses, I see a different error which suggests that you are treating parentheses in strings as part of a method call instead of just a string. 


=First(Fields!HierTypeName.Value) & " Level (HierId " & First(Fields!HierId.Value) & " "


There is a syntax error in the & " Level (HierId " & First(Fields!HierId.Value) & " " expression for the ‘subreport1_HierTypeName’: ‘)’ expected. Ensure the syntax of an expression is correct. An open parenthesis is not matched with a close parenthesis ')'.

If I change the expression to use brackets instead of parentheses there are no errors.

=First(Fields!HierTypeName.Value) & " Level [HierId " & First(Fields!HierId.Value) & "]"

I am testing out your SSRS report viewing feature in Bold Reports. 

(Note this is actually on version 4.1.83 but it wasn't an option in your drop down)

Let me know if you have any questions,

- Kyle Williams