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Since the results in a dataset is already in a datatable format. It will be of use to write a query to further change the data. Unfortunately, not all reports data retrieval queries can be done by the person developing the report.

In this example I am using web api data source to retrieve data. I would like to run a query on top of this data in SQL format.


A possible solution is that the user can select the DBMS that they want (SQL server, Postgres ...). These results can then be inserted into a temp table. Then sql can follow.


User selects => SQL server

User gives temp table a name => results

Bold reports inserts data into => results 

User writes a query =>

1. ;WITH cte_dosomething AS

2. (SELECT ....

3. FROM #results

4. WHERE ...

5. GROUP BY ... ),

6. cte_dosomeotherthing AS

7. ( ... )


9. FROM cte_dosomething

10. JOIN cte_dosomeotherthing ...

The columns in the data set will reflect what the query returns.


Since we are working with temp tables Bold Reports should drop it if it exists before query execution. It is up to the user to select a unique name that is not in use.

The reason for this request:

The filter functionality and calculated data fields are not sufficient for data manipulation. It is not always possible to run your own queries for data retrieval since some of these results comes from a json datasource or API, or maybe even a csv file.