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This is not no means show stopper and

not sure if this is something that I have not found yet, but
as now I have to give email to openID identifier and  Open ID auth creates user at first login

Would it be possible make little setting that more additional claims could be used
Cause there is quite lot cases with AD that user name and email are not 1:1
username may be fx. xxxx@domain.local and now this same goes to email and cannot be edited
would it be possible to bring more fields on that identifiers list ( 1. would be that account
ADFS case UPN,email,First-,Surname when needed I think these are fields that are on Bold Reports user

which now are little bit funny fx if login name is JohnS@domain.local
( AD has John Smith information it also has e-mail information John.Smith@company.com but not as login name )

First name is JohnS, Last Name empty, email and user name

JohnS@domain.local phone empty

If I now add claims and more values to list this login breaks ( that UPN->Email works like charm)

Best regards