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Need to enhance the functionality of the Report Designer in Bold Reports. The two key features that need to be implemented are:

Support for Direct Elastic Search Queries:
  • Modify the Report Designer to include an option for executing direct Elastic Search queries as a data source.
  • Integrate the necessary components to process and execute direct Elastic Search queries within the report generation pipeline.
  • Implement error handling and validation mechanisms to ensure the correct usage of direct Elastic Search queries.
  • Update the user interface to allow users to input and execute direct Elastic Search queries seamlessly.

Array Value Aggregation Support:
  • Enhance the data aggregation capabilities of the Report Designer to handle array values of a column.
  • Implement algorithms and logic to aggregate and summarize data from array-valued columns effectively.
  • Provide support for commonly used aggregation functions, such as sum, average, min, max, etc., for array values.
  • Ensure accurate calculations and appropriate handling of the array structure during aggregation.