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Hi there,

When we run a report in desktop mode everything works correctly. Its fast and responsive. When we run it on a mobile phone or any device that goes to the "mobile" look and feel, after selecting the first parameter the cascading parameter below it no longer works. It just says "Loading Parameter Values...". However, I can see from the network traffic it has returned all the values, and when I am on desktop, it works fine.

I have attached some screenshots below, along with the depersonalized response JSON showing that I get the correct values back from the server.

I hope this helps. It looks to be an issue only when in mobile mode.



Working in desktop


Broken in mobile


Here is the response JSON, containing the correct values



"ControlId": "report-viewer-44c9f6ea-a947-4573-9cac-a7232c4e49e3_Param_102",

"CustomProperties": null,

"Name": "PayrunID",

"Prompt": "Payrun",

"AvailableLabels": [

"2019-10-26 : surname, firstname",

"2019-10-20 :

surname, firstname

"2019-10-06 :

surname, firstname


"AvailableValues": [





"Labels": null,

"Values": null,

"DefaultValues": [],

"DefaultValuesfields": [],

"Label": "2019-10-26 :

surname, firstname

"Value": "38799",

"_dateValue": null,

"_dateTimeValue": null,

"DateTimeInfo": null,

"fullDateFormatString": null,

"longTimeFormatString": null,

"DataType": "String",

"IsMultiValue": false,

"IsNullable": false,

"IsEnabled": true,

"AllowBlank": false,

"Hidden": false,

"IsDependent": false,

"ParameterElementType": "ComboBox",

"ValueField": "UniqueID",

"LabelField": "Payslip",

"DataSource": null,

"RelationInfo": {

"ReferencedDatasets": [],

"ReferencedParameters": [],

"DependentDatasets": [



"DependentParameters": []