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We have used sample code from the Syncfusion site to generate our own RDL in c# for a ASP.NET Core Project, and part of the code is to create some text in a different font

TextRuns runs = new TextRuns();
TextRun run = new TextRun();
run.Style = new Syncfusion.RDL.DOM.Style();
run.Style.FontStyle = "Default";
run.Style.TextAlign = "Center";
run.Style.FontFamily = "Impact";
run.Style.FontSize = new Syncfusion.RDL.DOM.Size("20pt");
run.Value = "Test of font";

Everything appears to work fine except for the <FontFamily> in the <Style> tag for the <TextRun>

When we run the code

FileStream wstream = new FileStream(ReportPath + args[0] + ".rdl", FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write, FileShare.Read);
ReportSerializer ws = new ReportSerializer();
ws.SaveReportDefinition(wstream, reportDefinition);

The <FontFamily> never gets written to the RDL file

    <Value>Test of font</Value>

We have tried the same code in ASP.NET not in .NET Core and it functions perfectly, it seems to only be in the .NET Core version