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Dear all, 

I was preparing a report on the web-based report designer and had to change the currency format from USD to EUR. I managed to accomplish the task using the controls and features provided by the online report designer. However, after changing the currency, I noticed that delimiter for decimal numbers was still '.' not ',' as it is used in Germany. Moreover same applies to the delimiter for 1000 which, if changing the currency from USD to EUR should be '.' and not ','. When I tried changing the format string 

'€'#,0.00;'€'-#,0.00 to 
'€'#.0,00;'€'-#.0,00 I got an error. 

I am not quite if this is really a bug, but I thought I'd mention it since the feature of currency conversion is provided. If it is not a bug, I would like to apologise in advance. 
Kind regards