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  • Self-Service Reports
  • Embedded Reports

Deploy as a standalone reporting platform for internal and external users.

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Embed as a complete reporting solution within your software applications.

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Self-Service Reports Embedded Reports
Unlimited Reports
Syncfusion Managed Hosting
Embedded Reports
Unlimited Distribution
Embed APIs
Connect to more than 20+ data sources
Export to PDF, Excel, Word and CSV
Licensed by server
Licensed by cluster
Licensed by application
Sharing and Collaboration
Ad Hoc Reporting
Publish Reports
Drill down/Drill through
35+ widgets for visualization
Schedule Email Reports
SSO integration

Frequently Asked Questions

After you sign up for any of the self-hosted deployment plans under Embedded Reports or Self-Service Reports, you can access the Docker and Kubernetes images to deploy on your servers. Once it is deployed, follow the startup configuration guide and start creating reports. For details about embedding, check the available samples. Instead, if you sign up for Syncfusion-managed cloud deployment, your request will be processed by our team, and we will grant you trial access to the Bold Reports deployed environment. You can connect to your data and create reports directly.

Embedded Reporting represents Bold Reports as an embeddable reports platform that can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications or websites. With its rich set of APIs, all its functionalities can be handled from within the application without the end users switching the context for their reports’ needs.

Self-Service Reporting represents Bold Reports as a standalone reporting platform, deployed at Syncfusion managed cloud or your servers, allowing users to connect their data and build reports without relying on technical experts.

A Cluster is simply a collection of Servers and related resources acting as one unit using a controller like Kubernetes. Refer to this link for more details.

An application refers to a named application. For example, if you have a CRM application called “MyCRM”, you will need exactly one license. No extra fees for users and servers.

Concurrent users are the number of users accessing and using the Bold Reports application simultaneously.

We accept all major credit cards charged in USD. Wire payments are accepted for invoiced orders on annual payments. For annual payments, we also accept PayPal, ACH, Credit Card, or check payments.
Anyone who creates, edits, or views reports will need their own account. Users can securely view any reports shared with them. Viewers do not need an account to view publicly shared reports.

Yes. Bold Reports works with your data, keeping security in mind. Please check here for more details.

Yes. After you sign up for a free trial, our sales team will contact you and schedule a personalized demo with our technical experts.

Data and reports will be deleted from the system after 30 days of suspension.

You can email your questions to Our team of experts will reach out to you soon.

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