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Released on March 20, 2020

The Bold Reports Cloud report management systems comes with an end-to-end solution to create and manage reports without any installation. All you need is to register your subdomain and the report server will be deployed automatically. The Cloud product comes with the following interactive features:

  • No Installation or maintenance required.
  • Bold Reports Cloud will auto scale based on your demand and maintain stable performance.
  • You can switch between the plans based on your business needs at any time.
  • The built-in Report Designer makes report designing experience easier and faster.
  • The built-in Report Viewer can display the available or uploaded reports in the server.
  • Exports the reports into popular file formats.
  • User Management Server is integrated to manage the applications efficiently with the SSO (Single Sign-On).
  • Easily integrate with your existing users from Azure Active Directory.
  • Built in collaboration using comments.
  • Schedule reports with filter parameters and deliver them to users.
  • Permission management: A flexible permission scheme controls the access to read, write, delete, and download reports.