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Release History


Released on January 12, 2022

Report Designer Weekly NuGet

  • Improved the IN operator support in report item filters.
  • Resolved the dependent package restoration failure in Barcode NuGet.
  • Resolved the vulnerability issue with serialization and deserialization actions in Bold Reports Web NuGet.
  • Resolved the vulnerability issues with file type datasources in client and server side.

Report Viewer Weekly NuGet

  • RenderFormat expression working properly inside the table.
  • Renders chart data values properly when different culture values are assigned to the chart.
  • Resolved sorting icons duplication in fixed headers for table report items.
  • Displays map report item with a proper error message when no data field is configured.
  • Data source credentials validation message displayed properly for incorrect inputs.
  • Empty data points are properly rendered in the chart report item.
  • The parameter values are applied properly when switching to print layout.
  • The rows with blank records are ignored in the CSV export.
  • Provided localization support for lt-LT(Lithuanian) culture.


Released on December 29, 2021

Report Viewer Weekly NuGet

  • Exports report into PDF document with proper arabic text based on the report language property settings.
  • Provided client-side API option to change the excel save format version.
  • Renders bar codes text render without overlapping with its border.
  • Document map pane expanded/collapsed properly when switching between print to the normal layout.
  • Report renders properly in print layout when user cancel the report processing.
  • Improved the page setup margin validation to show alert for empty value inputs.
  • Provided support to render secondary axis with title for the scattered chart.


Released on December 15, 2021

Report Designer Weekly NuGet

  • Provided tab support to switch between datasource and dataset panel instead of menu switcher.
  • Resolved the “System OutOfMemory” exception thrown while fetching and processing large data from the database in Report Viewer.
  • Resolved the query execution failure with oracle datasource when the query contains the same parameter name in multiple places.
  • Resolved the improper data fetching issue with excel datasource when the column name starts with numbers.
  • Resolved the chart visibility failure when deserializing the chart report item with a label format value as zero percent (0%).
  • Resolved the issue with label format property visibility when enabling chart axis check mark.
  • Updated the label text in the dataset panel as “Dataset” instead of “DataSet”.

Report Viewer Weekly NuGet

  • Renders report footer properly based on page count. 
  • The trendline width value rendered properly in chart. 
  • Resolved the report processing exception while setting RepeatOnNewPage as after in table. 
  • The chart report item exported properly when new line feed expression is used in chart axis title. 
  • Resolved the object type errors in angular application for @boldreports/types. 
  • Displays proper evaluated value for Array.Indexof() expression.
  • Excel export shows proper date format when language is set to reports. 
  • Report page zoom applied properly in mobile device while setting zoom factor in API. 
  • Renders the last page of a report with correct group page name. 
  • The page number and total pages are updated properly in print layout. 


Released on November 30, 2021

What’s New

Report Designer

  • Provided SSAS data source support.
  • Provided support to configure the tooltip for the chart series.
  • Exposed an API to filter data connectors from the data panel.
  • Published new SSAS data extension package on NuGet org.
  • Published new Barcode Custom Report Item extension package on NuGet org.
  • Added en-AU culture support.

Report Viewer

  • Added keep together rendering option for textbox report item.
  • Renders the no row message with different style and alignment inside table cell.
  • Improved the error logging to save the report processing details.
  • Provided ‘IReportHelperSettings’ API to set external server settings.
  • Added editable option to the text box report item to change text content in report preview.


Report Designer

  • Resolved exception thrown issue, when editing a stored procedure dataset with date parameters.
  • The issue with the custom color palette behavior of the pie chart has been fixed.
  • Resolved the default font family serialization issue in 2016 RDL schema reports.
  • Resolved the console error thrown when rendering data in the query designer grid.
  • Disabled the anonymous autofill suggestion list for input elements.
  • Resolved the active font color issue with item selection in query designer schema tree.

Report Viewer

  • Lengthy text is accurately rendered without any text cut in the PDF export.
  • The dependent default date parameter values are updated properly based on the parent value.
  • The default font family is properly applied to all report items in ASP.Net Core Report Viewer.
  • Parameter visibility updated at the client side is properly updated in the Report Viewer.
  • Added option to use System.Text.RegularExpressions in the Visual Basic code module for the .NET Core platform.
  • Proper paper size, orientation is displayed in the Report Viewer page setup dialog.
  • Resolved AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers error in .NET Core with framework.
  • Allows embedding Report Server reports without passing server URL in ajax headers.
  • The progress bar is properly displayed when SizeToReportContent API is set to true.
  • Date values are parsed properly in MIN expressions.
  • The table cells are rendered without any extra spaces in page.
  • Resolved the tablix content text cut in Firefox browser rendering.
  • The line report item renders properly without overlapping other items.
  • Resolved the page number text cut in the viewer toolbar.
  • Now the username expression is working properly in MAC OS.
  • Resolved the percentage data label format in chart report item.
  • Improved the custom record qualifier in CSV export.
  • Improved intermediate service report processing and exporting.
  • Now the time zone conversion expression is working properly in core viewer.
  • Text vertical alignment works properly in text box when can grow set as false.
  • Now chart report item rendering properly for different date time format values comes.
  • Report page setup working properly in report printing.
  • The exported document displayed with respective application to open in the Firefox browser.
  • Report group header renders properly in print layout.
  • Exports linear, radial gauge with proper border and background. 
  • The toggle icon is positioned properly inside table cells. 
  • Allows to click the view button after reports processing errors. 
  • Resolved the datetime value conversion error in the report expression. 
  • The tablix border thickness is rendered properly. 
  • Resolved the report retrieval time delay in connecting to SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). 
  • Resolved the table text overlapped rendering. 
  • The new line spacing is rendered properly in pdf export.
  •  Repeated rows and columns are rendered properly in exported document.