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Release History


Released on May 03, 2021

Breaking Changes

Starting with version 3.1.31, we’ve enabled our reporting application on web and console applications targeting the popular .NET Core framework. So, the SASS data source is temporarily disabled due to incompatibility. This support will be available in our upcoming releases.

What’s New

Report Server

  • Username support has been added so that you can make email address as optional when creating a new user.
  • Exposed API to copy reports with different dataset.
  • Provided an option to choose the default login option for the Bold Reports application.
  • Now, you can either send or save the exported report and notify the recepients.
  • Complete UI improvements on create a Shared DataSource and DataSet.
  • Provided the option to create and update the below shared data-connectors seamlessly.
    • Microsoft SQL
    • Oracle
    • ODBC
    • OLE DB
    • Web API
    • Odata
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • MariDB
    • MemSQL
    • XML
    • JSON

Report Designer

  • Provided MemSQL data source support.
  • Provided MariaDB data source support.
  • Provided an option to set interval for category and value axis in the chart report item.
  • Provided an option to set custom attributes for series in the chart report item.
  • Provided document map label property support for report items.
  • Added the Lookup and LookupSet expressions in expression dialog box.
  • Provided support to format the date and time based on locale.
  • Provided an option to set background image for rectangle report item.
  • Provided search option to filter dataset fields in the drop-down.

Report Viewer

  • Renders reports with document map label in view and export.
  • Renders column and bar type charts with custom point width.
  • Enabled column headers repeat when a table cell contains a rectangle report item.
  • Provides the custom property option to set “ExcelLayoutOptions” to improve the excel export performance.
  • Exposed a “legendmaxautosize” custom property to control and customize the chart legend size.
  • Renders the table headers while scrolling the table content on the report page.
  • Improved the dependent report parameter loading indicator user interface.
  • Support to export the reports with document map labels for easy page navigation.
  • Improved the date format text rendering in the excel document.


Report Designer

  • The issue in maintaining format property value in tablix cell has been fixed.
  • Resolved format and expression value reset issue, while changing the font style in tablix cell.
  • The filters and parameters collection reset action has been fixed, while editing the shared dataset.
  • Resolved exception thrown issue, while passing the parameter value as headers in web API data source.
  • The nullable property value reset action in report parameters has been fixed, while editing the dataset.
  • Resolved the child group add action failure in tablix when having single cell with details group.
  • Resolved the positioning issue when placing a sub-report item in the list.
  • Resolved the glitches when performing enter and backspace key actions in textbox report item.
  • Resolved the exception thrown issue, while editing the data set after changing its data source name.
  • Added special character validation for data element name property.
  • Resolved the tablix cell width resizing issue when changing width using the property panel.
  • Resolved the failure when changing the data source name for a data set.

Report Viewer

  • Tablix column visibility calculated properly and rendered in the output.
  • Improved chart series and intervals rendering.
  • Renders doughnut, column, and radar charts with proper auto intervals.
  • The chart axis labels displayed properly for DateTime formatting.
  • Tablix row heights are rendered properly when refreshing the report.
  • Page setup dialog values are properly updated in the report refresh action.
  • Table bottom border now displayed in viewing and exporting.
  • Renders stacked column chart with proper series and legend.
  • The default parameter values are processed properly in en-GB culture.
  • Improved the page setup dialog positioning in all browsers.
  • Now, the toggle and sorting icon properly display with all background colors.
  • Print option in the Report Viewer toolbar is displayed on all devices.
  • Now, the text values are rendered without unwanted overlap.
  • Linked reports render correctly when providing the absolute path.
  • Properly displays the empty table when the table has no data.
  • Renders table, map, and custom report items in virtualization mode.
  • Documents are exported with proper conditional expression colors.
  • Now, the toggle action and date filters are working properly in the excel exported file.
  • Improved the text box data render without text cut in the PDF document.
  • PDF and PowerPoint document exports properly without any application crash.
  • Nested table items are properly exported in the PDF document.