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Release History


Released on April 14, 2021

Report Viewer SDK Weekly Nuget

  • The tablix report item static headers are repeated properly on each page.
  • Image report item border thickness applied properly in view and export.
  • Improved the chart engine processing and rendering performance.
  • Improved tablix rendering to reset page number when page break applied to groups.


Released on April 01, 2021


  • TLS1.2 support has been enabled in our licensing server and online licensing validation system. Hereafter our Bold Reports components in framework .NET Framework 4.5, 4.5.1, 4.6, UWP and ASP.NET Core platforms will be accessing our TLS1.2
    enabled licensing server.
  • .NET Framework 4.0 alone will be accessing TLS1.0 (Or) 1.1 server.


Released on March 31, 2021

Report Viewer SDK Weekly Nuget

  • Improved text box number format in Excel cell.
  • Provided custom property “RoundLayoutMeasures” to control the pixel values rendering.
  • Added Semitransparent color palette for chart report item.
  • Improved the calculated fields to work with parameter expressions.
  • Now, the page setting is applied properly when set through API.


Released on March 17, 2021

Report Viewer SDK Weekly Nuget

  • Provided DateTime formatting for Excel cell values.
  • Renders report properly when the service instance is auto-scaled in the UWP app.
  • Text contents are displayed properly when CanGrow is set for the textbox report item.
  • Page setup margin values applied properly when set through API.


Released on March 03, 2021

Report Viewer SDK Weekly Nuget

  • Print option in Report Viewer toolbar is displayed on all devices.
  • Page setup dialog values are properly updated in refresh action.
  • Report page counts remain the same when refreshing the page multiple times.
  • Tablix row heights are rendered properly when refreshing the report.


Released on February 17, 2021

Report Viewer SDK Weekly Nuget

  • Renders doughnut and radar charts with all data intervals.
  • Table bottom border now displayed in view and export document.
  • Document exports with proper colors when conditionally change the colors using expressions.
  • The chart axis labels rendered properly with DateTime formatting.
  • The page setup dialogue displayed relative the control in all browsers.
  • Now the toggle action working properly in the excel exported file.
  • Table cell value text is vertical alignment properly in rendering and export.
  • The default parameter values are processed properly in en-GB culture.


Released on February 04, 2021

Report Viewer SDK Weekly Nuget

  • Table row text rendered properly when split into multiple pages.
  • PDF export format shows textbox data without text cut.
  • Tablix header text displayed properly in the Firefox browser rendering.
  • Refresh action no longer increases the page count in virtualization mode.
  • Now, the report item border properly displayed in the print layout.


Released on December 18, 2020

Breaking Changes

.NET Core 3.0 support was removed for all our NuGet packages due to the end of support from Microsoft.

What’s New

Report Viewer

  • Allows to customize the parameters using custom properties.
  • Provides support to use PDF417 and Data Matrix types in barcode item
  • Added export setting option to manage export document types.
  • Renders images from the shared locations.
  • Displays gauge with multiple pointers and ranges.
  • Provides option to access the hidden and internal parameter details.
  • Renders the texts in vertical rotation in WPF.
  • Process and renders the nested aggregate expressions.
  • Enabled option to hide duplicate static text in the text box.
  • Supports to use parameter as argument in custom code functions.
  • Improved the gauge pointers placement using expression values.
  • Improved the error logging for report processing failures.
  • Tablix renders with dynamic column names.
  • Improved the query processing to use the local scalar variable in data set queries.
  • Displays the report items with hidden expression.
  • Improved visualization elements export text in cloud environment.
  • Supports to view chart with custom label color.
  • Improved tablix row groups page name behavior to export properly in excel sheet.

Report Writer

  • Exports the data visualization items in Linux OS.
  • The DisableExcelCellFormat custom property provided to improve the excel export performance.
  • Displays detailed log about the data source connection failures.


Report Viewer

  • Improved data loading performance and implemented logger for the PostgreSQL data connector.
  • Improved the UI rendering of the Map, Circular Gauge, and Linear Gauge widgets with our
    Essential JS 2 controls in our previous releases (v2.2.23, v2.2.28).
    So, we are removing the below no longer used data-visualization scripts from our JavaScript assets.
    • ej.lineargauge.min.js
    • ej.circulargauge.min.js


Released on October 21, 2020

What’s New


  • Provided Theme Studio to customize the Bold Reports control theme.
  • Provided support for .NET 5.

Report Viewer

  • Supports jQuery latest version 3.5.1.
  • Provided Bootstrap 4 theme support.
  • Renders custom report items in ASP.NET Core.
  • Displays detailed log about the shared dataset and data source failures.
  • View charts with pacific color palette.
  • Enabled options to view parameters with unique values.
  • Able to customize the Report Viewer Web API service post action end points.
  • Allows to get exported report stream in ASP.NET Core Web API service.
  • Displays the report items based on RenderFormat expressions.
  • Allows to increase the render quality of chart report items.
  • Customize date time display format of DateTime report parameter.
  • Rotate and view images using the angle option.
  • View charts with week intervals.
  • Limit the number of table records on pages.
  • Allows to localize the component in tr-TR and it-IT cultures.
  • Improved gauge report item rendering performance.
  • The default extension of Word (.doc) and Excel (.xls) export documents are upgraded to new version Word(.docx) and Excel(.xlsx) extension.

Report Writer

  • Export report text with italic Tahoma Thai fonts.
  • BMP images can be exported to PDF in ASP.NET Core platform.
  • Allows to increase the render quality of chart report items.
  • The default extension of Word (.doc) and Excel (.xls) export documents are upgraded to new version Word(.docx) and Excel(.xlsx) extension.