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Release History


Released on May 03, 2021

What’s New

Report Viewer

  • Renders reports with document map label in view and export.
  • Renders column and bar type charts with custom point width.
  • Enabled column headers repeat when a table cell contains a rectangle report item.
  • Allows to enable the virtualization rendering using API option at client side.
  • Supports to log the report processing and execution information to audit the report.
  • Provides the custom property option to set “ExcelLayoutOptions” to improve the excel export performance.
  • Exposed the “legendmaxautosize” custom property to control and customize the chart legend size.
  • Renders the table headers while scrolling the table content in report page.
  • Improved the dependent report parameter loading indicator user interface.

Report Writer

  • Support to export the reports with document map label for easy page navigation.
  • Improved the date format text rendering in the excel document.
  • Enabled the PowerPoint and HTML format exports in the UWP.
  • Provided the execution logging support to audit the report export performance and execution.
  • Added HTML and PowerPoint formats export in the ASP.NET Core.


Report Viewer

  • Tablix column visibility calculated properly and rendered in the output.
  • Improved chart series and intervals rendering.
  • Renders doughnut, column, and radar charts with proper auto intervals.
  • The chart axis labels displayed properly for DateTime formatting.
  • Tablix row heights are rendered properly when refreshing the report.
  • Page setup dialog values are properly updated in the report refresh action.
  • Table bottom border now displayed in viewing and exporting.
  • Renders stacked column chart with proper series and legend.
  • The default parameter values are processed properly in en-GB culture.
  • Improved the page setup dialog positioning in all browsers.
  • Now, the toggle and sorting icon properly display with all background colors.
  • Print option in the Report Viewer toolbar is displayed on all devices.
  • Report output is printed correctly in the Blazor control.
  • Now, the text values are rendered without unwanted overlap.
  • Linked reports render correctly when providing absolute path.
  • The printed document is rendered with the proper margin in the WPF print layout.
  • Properly displays the empty table when the table has no data.
  • Renders table, map, and custom report items in the virtualization mode.

Report Writer

  • Documents are exported with proper conditional expression colors.
  • Now, the toggle action and date filters are working properly in the excel exported file.
  • PDF document exported properly with all colors in the ASP.NET Core.
  • Improved the text box data render without text cut in the PDF document.
  • PDF and PowerPoint document exports properly without any application crash.
  • Nested table items are properly exported in PDF document.