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Release History


Released on September 22, 2021

Report Viewer SDK Weekly NuGet

  • Lengthy text is accurately rendered without any text cut in the PDF export.
  • The dependent default date parameter values are updated properly based on the parent value.
  • The default font family is properly applied to all report items in ASP.Net Core Report Viewer.
  • Parameter visibility updated at the client side is properly updated in the Report Viewer.
  • Added option to use System.Text.RegularExpressions in the Visual Basic code module for the .NET Core platform.
  • Proper paper size, orientation is displayed in the Report Viewer page setup dialog.
  • Resolved AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers error in .NET Core with framework combination application.
  • Allows embedding Report Server reports without passing server URL in ajax headers.
  • The progress bar is properly displayed when SizeToReportContent API is set to true.


Released on September 07, 2021


  • Implemented new React sample browser.

What’s New

Report Viewer

      • Provided bookmark option for easy report navigation.
      • Allows to render custom report items in page header and footer.
      • Option provided to render the report item based on Z index.
      • Custom property option is enabled to set the RoundLayoutMeasures property specific to report.
      • Added Visual Basic custom code compile support in .NET Core platform.
      • Improved the console logs for parameter panel rendering errors.
      • Improved the naming validation for XML data element name inputs.
      • Provided option to get report images in single request to overcome the azure scaling failures in UWP.
      • Provided the dark theme support for UWP Report Viewer.
      • Supports to customize the error text while using the show error event.
      • Added en-AU culture support to format the date and time values.
      • Added option to limit table records using custom property expression.


Report Viewer

    • Map report item values are updating properly while changing value from parameter.
    • Report page setting properly updated in the report print layout.
    • Custom fonts are applied properly while exporting the report to PDF format.
    • The values of dependent parameter are updated properly in report viewer.
    • Excel export data formatting applied properly based on region formats.
    • Images are rendering properly when load from SSRS server.
    • Report Viewer toolbar drop-down element styles are applied properly in office-365 theme.
    • Provided the option to set parameter visibility at run-time.
    • Resolved the data loss problem when table header cells are exported to Excel.
    • Report Viewer events works properly with unobtrusive mode enabled.
    • Resolved the BoldReports.Net.Core package version conflict problem while installing in the NET 5.0 application.
    • Resolved the problem in handling long running AJAX service requests.
    • Now parameter values count expression working properly in ASP.Net Core.
    • Visual Basic functions of report parameter is working properly in ASP.Net Core.
    • The available export formats are working properly when render format name used in expressions.
    • The page setup dialog values are applied or reset properly after clicking the cancel button.
    • Excel documents are saved properly when change the extension in UWP using WEB API service.
    • The parameter labels are applied properly while using label expressions.
    • CSV document generated properly while using Date time formats.
    • Background image set in subreport rendering properly in the parent report.
    • Resolved the data fetching errors while using web API data source.
    • The “getParameter” method returns proper value even though the parameter value is not selected in the report viewer.
    • Borders applied properly for merged cells in UWP report viewer.
    • Client-side page settings properties passed properly to the server-side processing.
    • Image border thickness applied properly when placed inside the tablix cell.
    • The page number is reset properly in rendered report.
    • Improved the chart report item rendering performance.
    • The line chart labels are rendering properly without any overlap.