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Release History


Released on September 02, 2020

What’s New

  • Provided matrix report item support to visualize data in cross-table.
  • Provided the Web API data source, which supports connecting almost all web services that has a REST API interface.
  • Provided the OData data source, which supports connecting the OData web services using the REST API.
  • Provided the JSON data source to connect and fetch the JSON data from sources like external file, local file, and inline data.
  • Improved the XML data source support.
  • Provided an option to upgrade the report’s RDL schema version.
  • Renders chart data point labels with combined keywords.
  • Provided options to disable chart legend interaction.
  • Improved the expression parser for VB constants, NOT operator, and replace function.
  • Exports data bar item with proper cell borders inside the table cell.
  • The drill-through action enabled inside the nested item.
  • The chart rendered with grouped data’s inside the table groups.
  • Renders Line report item with proper border width.
  • Improved the repeat header and row heights behavior in the table.
  • Provided label support for the gauge report item.
  • Provided filtering support for linear gauge, radial gauge, and indicator report items.
  • Dynamically specifies the size of the indicator report item through expressions using scale factor property of the indicator states.


  • Resolved the padding property serialization issue in text box.
  • Resolved the context menu items hidden when context menu height overflow with window height.
  • Now, properly represent the toggle query switcher state when switching to code mode from the design mode.
  • Fixed the keydown event shows lowercase while pressing the shift key issue.
  • Improved the word export to handle the empty spaces.
  • Header values of the excel export rendered correctly.
  • Property panel improvement for indicator states. Refer to the documentation link here for quick getting started.