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Release History


Released on December 18, 2020

What’s New

  • Provided the CSV data source to connect and fetch the data from external file source.
  • Provided the Excel data source support.
  • Provided the Data Matrix and PDF417 types in barcode report item.
  • Provided custom color palette support, to set custom colors for the chart.
  • Provided reordering support for data sources and data sets.
  • Added the RenderFormat.IsInteractive and RenderFormat.Name expressions in expression dialog box.
  • Provided an option to configure the data element properties for the report items.


  • Improved data loading performance and implemented logger for the PostgreSQL data connector.
  • Resolved the issue when connecting to MariaDB SkySQL using the MySQL data provider.


Released on October 21, 2020

Breaking Changes

Renamed the SQL data connector as Microsoft SQL.

What’s New

  • Provided PostgreSQL data source support to connect the PostgreSQL data to the report.
  • Provided an option to expand and collapse the report item panel.
  • Provided an option to filter distinct values in report parameters.
  • Provided an option to set a name for the page of each report item and their groups.


  • Resolved the parameter serialization issue in stored procedure with null and blank values.
  • When saving the data set, the redundant showing of query parameter dialog is fixed.