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Release History


Released on June 24, 2021

What’s New

  • Provided individual series type switcher support in the chart report item.
  • Provided an option to set no rows message for report items.
  • Provided label autofit property support for the primary and secondary axes of the chart.
  • Provided an option to set expressions for the username and password in the Web API data source.
  • Provided meaningful error message details to the end-user based on the internal exceptions.


  • Resolved an improper report name issue in the exported file.
  • The failure in the report item size properties update action has been fixed when the report unit is in centimeters.
  • Resolved date format validation failure based on locale in the parameter’s dialog.
  • Removed improper global expressions from the expression list.
  • Resolved default and available values reset issue with report parameters while linking dataset parameters.
  • Moved chart series properties as a secondary panel in the properties panel.
  • Resolved a memory leak issue with the barcode report item.


Released on May 03, 2021

What’s New

  • Provided MemSQL data source support.
  • Provided MariaDB data source support.
  • Provided an option to set interval for category and value axis in the chart report item.
  • Provided an option to set custom attributes for series in the chart report item.
  • Provided document map label property support for report items.
  • Added the Lookup and LookupSet expressions in expression dialog box.
  • Provided support to format the date and time based on locale.
  • Provided an option to set background image for rectangle report item.
  • Provided search option to filter dataset fields in the drop-down.
  • Provided an option to perform save and save as actions when saving the report.


  • Restricted the default browser context menu on right-click action.
  • The issue in maintaining format property value in tablix cell has been fixed.
  • Resolved format and expression value reset issue, while changing the font style in tablix cell.
  • Resolved exception thrown issue, while passing the parameter value as headers in web API data source.
  • The nullable property value reset action in report parameters has been fixed, while editing the dataset.
  • Resolved the child group add action failure in tablix when having single cell with details group.
  • Resolved the positioning issue when placing a sub-report item in the list.
  • Resolved the glitches when performing enter and backspace key actions in textbox report item.
  • Resolved the exception thrown issue, while editing the data set after changing its data source name.
  • Added special character validation for data element name property.
  • Resolved the tablix cell width resizing issue when changing width using the property panel.