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Release History


Released on April 29, 2022

What’s New

  • Provided an option to configure custom legend text for chart series.
  • Provided an option to configure maximum and minimum range for chart axis.
  • Provided a client-side API to load image through XMLHTTPRequest to avoid sending data through URL.
  • Provided a server-side API to hide code modules and filter data sources.


  • Fixed the major security vulnerabilities.
  • Resolved the serialization and deserialization failures with the ‘IN’ operator in data filters.
  • Resolved improper behavior of the grid line property in the sparkline chart report item.
  • Resolved the “System OutOfMemory” exception thrown while executing the large data in the query designer.
  • Resolved the query execution failure with an oracle datasource when the query contains the same parameter name in multiple places.
  • Resolved the improper data fetching issue with excel datasource when the column name starts with numbers.
  • Resolved the chart visibility failure when deserializing the chart report item with a label format value as zero percent (0%).
  • Resolved the issue with the label format property visibility when enabling the chart axis.
  • The improper gridline visibility is fixed when applying background color to the design area.
  • Updated the label text in the dataset panel as “Dataset” instead of “DataSet”.