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Release Notes for Standalone Report Designer v4.2

Release History


Released on January 31, 2023

What’s New

  • Provided the Open-Distro data source using Elastic search data connector.
  • Added en-CA and fr-CA culture support.
  • Provided an option to configure AND/OR condition in query filters.
  • Provided support to ignore the comment line parameters in SQL Queries.


  • Improved Spanish locale content
  • Resolved the report item rendering failure if excluded width and height properties in the RDL file.
  • Resolved SSL certification error in Web API data source.
  • Resolved the context menu visibility issue when the dataset has the same name and field name.
  • Fixed the query parameter parsing failure when executing dataset query in query mode.
  • Modified the Visible property as Hidden for the report item properties in the properties panel.
  • Resolved to render twice the tables and views in the query designer schema.
  • Fixed the Command timeout issue in the PostgreSQL data source.


Released on August 10, 2022

What’s New

  • Provided support to localize the application’s user interface.
  • Provided an option to configure custom fonts for the report font properties.
  • Provided support to display the report name in the application’s title bar.
  • Provided the Amazon RDS data source support.
  • Provided the Amazon Redshift data source support
  • Provided the Amazon Aurora data source support.
  • Provided the Google Cloud SQL data source support
  • Provided the Elastic Search data source support.
  • Provided the CDATA data source support.
  • Provided support to parse the CSV response type in the Web API data source.
  • Provided support for GS1CODE128 barcode type in the 1D Barcode report item.
  • Provided support for Range Bar, Range Column, Range Area, and Smooth Range Area chart types in the chart report item.
  • Provided support for including the zero property in chart axis scale properties.
  • Provided an option to configure margin for the chart axis scale.
  • Provided support to configure the consume container whitespace property for the report.
  • Provided an option to configure the reset page number property for tablix group members.


  • Fixed the issue with date format validation in report filters.
  • Resolved the font family reset issue with the textbox when opening a report.
  • Resolved the improper query parameters detection in query designer code mode.
  • Resolved the LabelAutoFitDisabled property deserialization issue when publishing the report in SSRS.
  • Resolved the edit option listing issue in the dataset menu.
  • Fixed the issue in sorting of tables and views while listing in query designer schema area for PostgreSQL data source.