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Release Notes for Standalone Report Designer v5.3

Release History


Released on October 26, 2023

What’s New

  • Introduced an option to configure the secondary axis for chart report items.
  • Added tooltips to textbox expression tags, making it easier to view the actual expression.
  • Provided a UI option to configure the ‘Encrypt’ and ‘TrustServerCertificate’ options in the Microsoft SQL Server data connector.


  • Fixed the issue of anonymous auto-population in the query designer search field.
  • Resolved the improper serialization of the chart gridline interval offset property.
  • Renamed the ‘Visible’ property to ‘Hidden’ for the Tablix grouping panel in the property panel.
  • Resolved the issue with image scaling when using the ‘fit’ option for the background image.
  • Enabled expression options for chart axis label format property.
  • Categorized field names based on the table name in the query filter dropdown.
  • Fixed the issue with dropdown field selection when the query filter dropdown had identical field names.
  • Now, table names are prepended to parameter names while creating query parameters.

Breaking changes:

To support Multi-Factor Authentication, we have migrated to Microsoft.Data.SqlClient from System.Data.SqlClient.

  • The Microsoft.Data.SqlClient has breaking changes. To resolve this, you can either configure ‘Encrypt=false’ or ‘TrustServerCertificate=true’ in the connection string. For more information on breaking changes in Microsoft.Data.SqlClient, refer this link.