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Release Notes for Standalone Report Designer v5.4

Release History


Released on February 26, 2023

What’s New

  • Provided the correction level property support for QR and PDF417 barcode types.


  • Fixed the major security vulnerabilities.
  • Resolved the CLS-complaint validation failure in Tablix group name.
  • Fixed the DATEDIFF expression execution failure, when creating a query expression.
  • Resolved the report rendering failure when opening the chart report.


Released on December 22, 2023


  • Resolved the issue where the “Keep with Group” property failed to preserve the selected value in the property panel for French localization.
  • Addressed the delay in displaying tooltips over the parameter checkboxes in the Query Filter dialog.
  • Fixed the issue when connecting to a Web API URL with a timestamp value as the query parameter.
  • Resolved the improper serialization of empty parameter tags in the drill-through reports.
  • Fixed the issue of the database not listing in the input auto-populate list for SQL Server.