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Release Notes for Standalone Report Designer v6.1

Release History


Released on April 30, 2024

What’s New

  • Provided an option to connect to the Microsoft SQL datasource through an SSH tunnel.
  • Introduced the ‘FetchLimit’ custom property to restrict the preview record limit.


  • Enhanced the icons and user interface of Report Designer dialogs.
  • Improved the error message content during report open and save actions.
  • Restricted unsupported file formats during uploads via Report Designer API calls.
  • Fixed the serialization failure for the ‘legend reversed’ property in EJ1 Report Designer charts.
  • Fixed the issue with property panel tab switching when swiping the mouse.
  • Resolved the issue where the font family was not applied to textbox report items when the font names contained special characters.
  • Resolved the issue of displaying unwanted Unicode characters in the property panel tab header for French localization.
  • Fixed the issue causing report save failures due to parameter and parameter layout details mismatch.
  • Added a tooltip and a search option for the Report expression list box.
  • Improved the description content of expressions within the expression editor.