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Bold Reports Road Map 2023

Explore the key goals that the Bold Reports team aims to accomplish during the year 2023.


.NET 7 support for embedded Tools

Integrate viewer, designer, and writer components with .NET 7 for enhanced functionalities and a seamless development experience.

Audit logs enhancement

Improve the activity logs that provide insight into when a resource was added, modified, or rendered, and other user activities.

Enhancing compliance

Ensure FERPA and HIPAA compliance for data security and privacy in our systems and processes.

Fresh and modern look for reporting tools

Revamp the component design with a modern and visually appealing interface, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Oracle support in UMS

Add support for the Oracle database in UMS.

Two-factor authentication

Add support for 2FA in the Report Server login.

Connecting MongoDB

Establish connection with MongoDB database using a MongoDB connector for reports.

Effortless dataset joining

Enable users to effortlessly join multiple datasets, empowering them to create comprehensive reports with rich data insights and improved decision-making capabilities.

Introducing extract mode

Introduce an extract mode in the data connector, allowing users to efficiently extract data from underlying data sources-, improving performance and enabling faster data processing and analysis.

Personalized UI customization for client-centric interactions

Empower clients with personalized UI customization options, tailoring the interface to their unique preferences and branding for an enhanced user experience.