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Standalone Report Designer

A completely free designer app that empowers developers and analysts to build paginated SSRS RDL, and RDLC reports rich in data visualization.

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How the standalone report designer helps?

What you can do with the standalone report designer

User-centric interface

The WYSIWYG canvas comes with features such as gridlines and snap-to-grid operations for perfect positioning, sizing, and aligning of report items.

Standalone report designer's user-centric inteface
Connect to any data source in standalone report designer

Connect to any data source

Consume data from a wide variety of data providers in local or server databases:

  • Built-in data sources:
    Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure, Oracle, OLEDB, ODBC, Web API, OData, JSON, XML.
  • Business object data sources: JSON.
  • Custom data processing extensions: SASS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more.

Report items

Create and visualize powerful insights from your data using a variety of report items:

  • Basic items: Text box, image, line, and rectangle.
  • Data region items: Table, matrix (pivot table), and list.
  • Data visualization: Charts, sparklines, data bars, gauges, indicators, and maps.
  • Subreports.
  • Custom report items: Barcodes, QR barcodes, and more.

Eye popping report items supported to create reports
Types of reports parametes allowed in standalone report designer

Report parameters

Users can interactively pass dynamic input at run-time to modify the data presentation of RDL and RDLC reports.

Query designer

The easy-to-use query designer interface allows users to create and view relationships between data within a few clicks.

Create data models with an easy-to-use query builder
Create report formulas with expression builder

Expression builder

Design and customize report data and report presentation at run-time using parameter-based expressions.

Preview reports

Preview a report to verify that it’s displaying correctly.

Preview of personal expense report in standalone report designer