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ASP.NET MVC Report Designer / Styling and Formatting

Styling and Formatting Reports

ASP.NET MVC Report Designer

Create presentation-ready reports with an attractive appearance using the styling and formatting options such as aligning, sizing, distributed spacing, and more.

What you can do with styling and formatting

WYSIWYG design surface

The ASP.NET MVC Report Designer comes with a WYSIWYG design surface that allows perfect positioning, sizing, and aligning of report items in a report with just a few clicks. It is the main work area for designing reports and allows the addition of a header or footer to it.

Create professional reports using WYSIWYG design surface
Create professional reports using drag-and-drop layout

Drag-and-drop layout

Users can easily arrange report items on the design surface using simple drag-and-drop operations when designing a report.

Layout ordering

When multiple report items overlap in the design surface, layout ordering controls which report items are placed at the front and back of the surface.

Create professional reports using layout ordering
Create professional reports using gridlines and snap-to-grid

Gridlines and snap-to-grid

The design area provides gridlines and snap-to-grid functionality to simplify positioning and aligning report elements.


Alignment plays a vital role in designing reports. With a single-click, you can align single or multiple report items to the left, right, or center horizontally; or to the top, bottom, or middle vertically in the design surface.

Aligning report items
Sizing report items


Use the following sizing options to equally size selected report items in the design surface:

  • Bullet inSame height/width
  • Bullet inAlign to grid/size to grid

Distribute or equal spacing

Place report items with equal spacing in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Distribute or equally spacing the report items
Groups, sorting, and filtering for report item

Intuitive data configuration

Assign data values, measures, dimensions, groups, sorting, and filtering for report items.

Properties configuration

Allows to set static or expression as value to the properties.

Report items properties configuration
Managing the images in report designer

Managing images

Provides an user interface to manage embedded images for report and items with simple configuration steps.