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Revolutionizing Agriculture Reporting with Modern Platforms

Discover how an agricultural development company scales their customer-facing reporting services with Bold Reports.
revolutionizing agriculture reporting with bold reports
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Agricultural registration and promotion require a sophisticated information system to manage various products and regulations. The director of development at a leading company in this sector faced significant challenges with their reporting system. With clients ranging from private companies to state governments, the need for efficient agriculture reporting was high.

The Challenges

Their reporting system was a mishmash of about 200 Word documents and RDL reports, posing significant challenges in rendering reports for different clients efficiently. They had technical issues with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), which didn’t allow them to upgrade their current processes and system. Taking on a brand-new solution might cost them thousands of dollars and multiple months.
Their clients also faced long wait times for their requested report updates because those tickets go to a general queue, and the customization requests compete with regular product updates.

The Solution

The agricultural development company sought a solution that would streamline their reporting process and add compatibility with the latest technologies like .NET Core. Additionally, they had to keep in mind that their employees were not all comfortable with the same report formats. Some felt more at ease with Word, while others used RDL, which led to a mishmash of file types. So, they also needed to be able to export both report types to PDF as needed.

Security was also a concern when moving information through multiple systems. They didn’t want users to have to go through multiple login processes to see all of their reports.
Most solutions were either open-source options that were sparsely maintained or expensive solutions that still didn’t address their need for RDL file types. Pretty much everyone had moved on to something else.

When the director came across Bold Reports by Syncfusion, they found that it provided a comprehensive reporting solution with robust support for RDL reports, report converters, and a commitment to maintaining the ecosystem that was unmatched by other providers.

The Approach

Agriculture reporting in Word format were all converted to RDL format

The transition to Bold Reports marked a significant turning point. The Bold Reports team provided them with a Word-to-RDL converter tool, saving substantial time and resources that would have been otherwise spent on manual conversion. With this tool, they could efficiently convert Word documents into RDL reports, ensuring compatibility and consistency.

The Impact

Saved 95% manual conversion time and thousands of dollars

The impact was evident. The conversion process saves them approximately 95% of the time manual conversion would take. In terms of revenue, the savings translate into thousands of dollars.

  • “Bold Reports provides a comprehensive reporting solution with robust support for RDL reports, report converters, and a commitment to maintaining the ecosystem that was unmatched by other providers.”
  • – Director, Agricultural Development Company

The Results

Happy clients, increased efficiency, and cost savings

By implementing Bold Reports, the company achieved significant improvements in their agriculture reporting:

  • Increased Efficiency: The Word-to-RDL converter together with easy-to-use and update, drag-and-drop reporting from Bold Reports saves them approximately 95% of the time previously required for manual report generation.
  • Cost Savings: The streamlined conversion process translates to cost savings in the thousands of dollars per month range. This reduction in expenses allows the company to invest in other areas of their business.
  • Improved Client Satisfaction: Faster report generation allows for quicker turnaround times and improved responsiveness to client requests.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, the company’s next step is to implement the Report Designer for enhanced customization and to empower clients to design their own reports. Once they aren’t bogged down by as many tickets and requests from customers to make small tweaks and additions to the reports they provide, they’ll be free to work on other features for their products. Additionally, they envision using the interactivity of RDL reports to provide more dynamic and insightful reporting options for their clients.


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