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Empowering Customer Service Excellence with Embedded Reporting

Discover how our cutting-edge embedded reporting solution transformed the way the global technology company delivers exceptional support. Explore their challenges, and the impactful results achieved through seamless integration and data-driven insights.
Customer Service Reporting with Real-Time Data

New releases and updates in real time simplified product maintenance

Ability to access reports in most common formats: PDF, Excel, CSV, Word, PowerPoint, XML, and HTML



This global technology company specializes in artificial-intelligence-based data-driven customer engagement, optimizing workforce performance, and contact center services for Fortune 500 companies. The company’s products include prebuilt platforms as well, with personalized, data-driven artificial intelligence capabilities.

The Challenges

The company needed to transition to a new reporting platform in a very short timeline. The new platform had to integrate with its existing applications and platforms, and be easy to maintain and update. The company also sought to add new reporting functionality.

The Solution

The Bold Reports cloud-based reporting solution emerged as the ideal choice. Its ability to be implemented in a tight deadline made it stand out from other solutions.

The Approach

The Key to Fast, Efficient Customer Service Reporting

The company chose to transition to Bold Reports due to its quick and easy integration capability. It required minimal resources to set up, making it possible to meet the very tight project deadline.

The Impact

Real-Time Updates for Effortless Product Maintenance

With Bold Reports, the company automatically receives new releases, updates, and patches in real time. This greatly simplifies product maintenance, which is a top priority for the company.

The Results

The transition to the new reporting platform was successful. The company was able to integrate Bold Reports by Syncfusion seamlessly with their existing apps and platforms. Moreover, with Bold Reports’ rich feature set, the company gained additional viewing and exporting functionality, allowing users to access reports in the most common formats: PDF, Excel, CSV, Word, PowerPoint, XML, and HTML.


Unlock Hidden Efficiency

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