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Empowering Self-Service Reporting in Renewable Energy Asset Management (SaaS)

Discover how our cloud-based reporting solution revolutionized performance monitoring and asset management for a US-based SaaS company. Dive into the journey of seamless in-app report generation, secure user access, and enhanced collaboration.
case study on renewable energy asset management reporting

Migrated from legacy platforms to a most recent development framework

Enabled seamless experience with embedded & self-service reporting

Facilitated improved communication and collaboration among users



A US-based company offers hardware-agnostic software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for performance monitoring, asset management, and optimization for the renewable energy industry. Its solutions were built on top of ASP.NET Web Forms technology and its data was maintained across Excel files, PostgreSQL, and SQL databases. The company needed a renewable energy asset management reporting solution that improved the functionality of its offerings to provide the best customer experience possible.

The Challenges

The company was using older, legacy platforms like SSRS and ASP.NET Web Forms, which are difficult to upgrade and have limited embedded reporting functionality. The company also wanted functionality in its app to track usage and data access, manage user permissions, design and publish reports within the app itself, and improve user collaboration.

The Solution

The company, facing limitations with an outdated reporting platform and framework, sought a solution that would modernize their application and provide greater flexibility in report creation and access. Additionally, they aimed to improve user experience by offering report generation within the existing application itself.

Their search for a solution revealed limitations in existing offerings. Open-source options often lacked consistent maintenance, while premium solutions required a lot of setup time to integrate with and maintain their current app and platform.

Bold Reports by Syncfusion emerged as a comprehensive solution offering robust support for both existing RDL reports and the ability to create new reports. The embedded reporting functionality facilitated seamless in-app report generation resulting to renewable energy asset management reporting.

The Approach

Renewable Energy Asset Management Reporting with Row-Level Security

Bold Reports was integrated with the customer’s existing application and database infrastructure to enable renewable energy asset management reporting. The customer likely provided training to end-users on how to utilize the embedded reports and collaborate on. Security protocols were established to define user access permissions based on row-level security within the database.

The Impact

Empowering Users Through Self-Service Reporting

The upgrade to a newer development framework ensured a more modern and user-friendly application experience. Self-service reporting empowered users to create custom reports without relying on IT personnel. It streamlined operations and monitoring with integrated reporting for renewables. Integration with the existing database ensured secure access to information based on user roles and permissions.

The Results

Bold Reports addressed the customer’s need through its cloud-based reporting solution with real-time updates and releases which they integrated within their short project completion timeline.

  • Upgrade to Latest Framework: Bold Reports facilitated migration from legacy platforms like SSRS and ASP.NET Web Forms to a more recent development framework. This let its customers receive the improved app functionality and user experience they required.
  • Embedded Reporting: Bold Reports enabled seamless report generation and viewing directly within the customer’s application through its embedding functionality of reporting tools.
  • Self-Service Reporting: The embedded report designer allowed end-users to create custom reports based on their specific needs and connect to their own databases through the company’s SaaS solution.
  • Secure User Access: Bold Reports integrated with the customer’s existing database for user authentication and permission control. User access and permissions could now be defined via row security from within their database. This ensured secure access to sensitive data within reports based on predefined row-level security.
  • User Activity Logs: Bold Reports provided a way to maintain a record of user-generated reports, as well as exceptions experienced by those users.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The ability to add comments to reports facilitated improved communication and collaboration among users.

All these characteristics lead to data-driven reporting and insights for renewable energy projects. By embedding Bold Reports in their SaaS application, the hassle of working with legacy systems has been rectified with its newest framework and technology.


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