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Empower Your Clients with Multi-tenant Embedded Reporting: A Success Story

Explore how our innovative embedded reporting solution revolutionized the operations of a leading industrial analytics company in the IT sector. Learn about their journey, the challenges they faced, and the remarkable results achieved through the power of embedded analytics.
Case study on Industrial Data Analytics for IT Transformation

Met needs of all customers in a single software instance

No need to purchase additional licenses

Significant improvement in collaboration and efficiency



This industrial data analytics company provides tools and applications for chemical, metal, power plant performance management, oil, and gas companies to monitor, maintain, and optimize business processes. Their customers rely on the application to transform data sourced from their databases, readying it for analysis and business intelligence functions.

The Challenges

The company wanted to add multi-tenant embedded reporting capabilities to their client-facing application. However, an on-premise solution would require the creation of a new server environment as well as a team to build and maintain it. The company needed a solution that would provide their clients with the increased functionality of in-app reporting without having to set up and maintain a new, expensive, resource-intensive server environment.

The Solution

The company chose to deploy Bold Reports, our cloud-based solution. Bold Reports is easily maintained with minimal resources, updating automatically as soon as a new version is released. This allowed for end-user report generation without the significant investment of a new, on-premise infrastructure and a dedicated team to manage it.

The Approach

Bold Reports Designer enabled them to embed reporting capabilities directly into their application, providing a seamless end-user experience for their customers. With Bold Reports, the company was also able to add report scheduling and commenting functionality within the app, simplifying and improving collaboration within the report manager.

The Impact

Boosting Collaboration & Efficiency in Industrial Data Analytics

The impact of implementing Bold Reports by Syncfusion was transformative. The company could meet the needs of all its customers in a single instance of the software, without the need to purchase additional licenses. This resulted in a significant improvement in collaboration and efficiency within the report manager.

The Results

The transition to the new reporting platform, Bold Reports, was a resounding success. The company was able to provide industrial data analytics to their clients with increased functionality of in-app reporting without having to set up and maintain a new, expensive, resource-intensive server environment.


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