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Empowering Software Development: A Success Story with Bold Reports

Learn how a software development company leveraged Bold Reports to overcome compatibility issues, modernize their user interface, and enhance their feature set.
empowering software development reporting a success story with boldreports

Compatible with Azure App service

Easy reporting via a one-click button in the embedded viewer



This software developer creates line-of-business (LOB) applications in Microsoft 365 and Azure. The developer needs platform flexibility and the ability to offer a rich feature set and a sleek, modern user interface (UI) to their customers.

The Challenges

The developer was previously using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for their solution  but faced compatibility issues with Azure App Service, to which they had recently migrated. They also aimed to modernize their user interface to stay competitive and add features such as viewing and exporting reports and customization options.

The Solution

Bold Reports by Syncfusion was the perfect fit for their needs. With its extensive data preparation features and cloud-native nature, Bold Reports could easily be deployed in Azure App Service. This allowed the developer to use the report server of their choice and scale according to their needs.

The Approach

Secure & Scalable Software development reporting

The developer leveraged Bold Reports’ flexible customization options to refresh their user interface, providing a modern feel and experience to their customers. They also utilized Bold Reports’ view and export features, and unique toolbar customization feature to add specific icons for end users.

The Impact

The implementation of Bold Reports boosted their software development to a great extent. It worked seamlessly within the Azure App Service, providing a modern UI and easy report exporting via a one-click button in the embedded viewer. This was a significant upgrade from their previous solution.

The Results

The transition to Bold Reports was a resounding success. The developer was able to provide a more modern and feature-rich solution to their customers, all while ensuring compatibility with Azure App Service.


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