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Release Notes for Embedded Reporting v6.1

Release History


Released on May 22, 2024


Report Viewer

  • Implemented the EnableUniqueResourceNaming API for PDF export to enable or disable unique file content generation.
  • Implemented the XLSIO PageSetup API to choose the print page layout for the Excel export.
  • Upgraded the Microsoft.CodeAnalysis package to version 4.8.0.
  • Provided custom property support for the useGroupingSeparator property in label format in Report Viewer v2.
  • Resolved the exception in ‘Object._destroyDocumentMapTree’ that occurred during the second consecutive report execution in mobile browser mode.
  • Provided Justify alignment support for single-run textboxes in PDF export.
  • Resolved the column alignment issues and missing fields in Excel export when setting the ExcelLayoutOption to IgnoreCellMerge.

Report Designer

  • Resolved the issue of throwing null value errors while executing queries for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle extensions.


Released on May 15, 2024


Report Viewer

  • Added support for custom properties for adding comments to Excel exports.
  • Resolved an issue with the report path when the cache expires in the Report Viewer.
  • Support for WPF .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5.0 has been removed in this version.
  • Fixed an issue with page orientation switching in the UI.


Released on May 09, 2024


Report Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where the Margin was not updating properly when set to 0 in print page settings.
  • Resolved the issue where the index value was not being updated properly with EnableFilterSearch in V2.0 Viewer.
  • Resolved the transparent background color issue in 1D Barcode caused by text overlapping in BarcodeLib library 3.0.3 upgrade.
  • Fixed a console error occurring when using default parameter values with allow multiple option.


Released on April 30, 2024

What’s New

Report Server

  • Support to customize database schema and table prefix upon tenant creation, allowing the use of a single database for multiple tenants.
  • Support deploying as a 64-bit application on Azure, enhancing memory handling and performance.
  • Added support for Bold ETL Service. This new feature allows users to easily transform and load data from data source connectors.
  • Report part improvements:
    • An option to create a report part directly from the Report Server has been included.
    • Supported draft report parts for editing and publishing at any time.
    • Enabled Info option for report parts to view basic details.
  • Support for integrating Azure Application Insights enables enhanced error logging and application health monitoring.
  • Added the option to test email credentials directly on the server email settings page.
  • Provided support for configuring Microsoft 365 email settings with OAuth authentication.
  • Exposed API to create MySQL data source.

Report Viewer

  • Report Viewer renders table group levels with millions of records in seconds via record limiting and on-demand processing. Refer to the documentation for enabling this feature through settings.
  • Added the option to include comments for all report items when exporting to Excel.
  • Introduced SVG image rendering for .NET Core platform report viewer and export.

Report Designer

  • Provided an option to connect to the Microsoft SQL datasource through an SSH tunnel.
  • Provided an option to add and configure SVG images to reports through the report designer for .NET Core platform
  • Introduced the ‘FetchLimit’ custom property to restrict the preview record limit
  • Enhanced the functionality to maintain the existing layout size while refreshing report parts.


Report Viewer

  • The QR and Barcode work properly in the .NET 8.0 framework.
  • The ‘XAxisEdgeLabelPlacement’ custom property now functions properly in Report Viewer v2.
  • Improved the chart item color palette change based on the expression.
  • Added localization support for the license message in the Report Viewer.
  • Now custom attributes support parameter expressions.
  • Resolved the time details missing in datetime parameters.
  • Improved error message for RDLC reports when containing an empty dataset.
  • Improved error message in PDF exports when the dataset contains an empty value for image data.
  • Subreport nested inner Tablix items now render properly in PDF exports.
  • The first day of the week expression works properly in the date part function.
  • Improved document map node navigation performance when `enablevirtualevaluation` is set to true.

Report Designer

  • Enhanced the icons and UI of the Report Designer’s dialogs
  • Improved the error message content on report open and save actions
  • Restricted unsupported file formats during uploads via report designer API calls
  • Fixed the serialization failure for chart ‘legend reversed’ property in EJ1 ReportDesigner
  • Fixed the issue with property panel tab switching when swiping the mouse
  • Resolved the issue where the font family was not applied to textbox report item when their font names contained special characters
  • Resolved the issue of displaying unwanted Unicode characters in the property panel tab header for French localization
  • Fixed the issue causing report save failures due to parameter and parameter layout details mismatch
  • Added tooltip and a search option for the Report expression listbox
  • Improved the description content of expressions within the expression editor

Breaking changes:

Report Viewer

The transparent background color is not supported in the 1D Barcode due to text overlapping issue in BarcodeLib library 3.0.3 upgrade.

Report Server

The old viewer and designer have been deprecated. The new viewer and designer will now be enabled by default in the following areas: report viewing, report designing, exporting, and embedding.

Removed the following options from the report server listing context menu as part of application security and usability improvements:

  • Views
  • Clone
  • Make Public


The context menu option to display all views associated with the report has been removed. However, users can still access the same views from the Report Viewer.


Existing cloned reports will continue to work without any issues. However, reports will no longer be cloned in the future.

Public Reports:

  • Existing public reports will render without any issues.
  • The “Make Public” option has been removed for reports.
  • The “Make Private” option will be shown for existing public reports. We recommend making all public reports private and disabling the “Mark reports as public” option from the report settings page.
  • As an alternative to the Public Reports feature, we recommend using the following embedding features as needed,
Note: The Public Reports feature will be removed in upcoming releases.

Known Bugs / Limitations:

  • ETL Service not supported in Azure App Service.
  • ETL Service – MSSQL connector doesn’t support spatial, Point, and geometry data types.


  • Provided support for known domains to mitigate both SSRF attacks and open redirect vulnerabilities.
  • Enhanced server security by implementing Subresource Integrity (SRI) and XSS prevention measures.


The Bold Reporting Tools ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms will not be deployed in the embedded build. However, bug fixes are diligently transferred to our public repositories until Microsoft officially announces the end of support for these platforms. For new web application development or to stay up-to-date, Blazor or ASP.NET Core are recommended.