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What’s New in Bold Reports 5.2 July 2023 Release
What’s New in Bold Reports 5.2 Release

What’s New in Bold Reports 5.2 July 2023 Release

Introducing Bold Reports 5.2! It’s packed with new support and exciting features, promising to elevate your reporting experience to new heights. In this blog, we’ll provide an overview of the latest updates. Get ready to be amazed by what Bold Reports 5.2 has in store for you!

Support for .NET 7

The Bold Reports Report Designer, Report Viewer, and Report Writer support the latest .NET 7.0 Framework for web and desktop platforms.

Angular Ivy support

In this release of Bold Reports, we have provided Ivy support for the Angular reporting component, starting from version 12. This means that Angular developers can now leverage the benefits of Ivy when using Bold Reports, enhancing their reporting capabilities and report performance.

ASP.NET Core update

The ASP.NET Core component rendering in Bold Reports now includes the option to add a nonce attribute, addressing security concerns effectively. As with every release, we strive to enhance your reporting experience while ensuring top-notch security measures are in place.

Report Viewer

Introducing a new layout

We have given the Report Viewer a refreshing new look, featuring a sleek and modern design that perfectly aligns with current web design trends. Seamlessly integrate it into your existing projects and effortlessly customize the theme and color schemes to match your application’s visual appearance.

New Layout
New Layout

Report performance metrics

We have included a new report performance metrics feature in the layout update! Gain valuable insights into your reports’ efficiency, identify areas for improvement, and be proactive about enhancing the performance of your reports. Analyze key performance indicators like loading times, rendering speed, and data processing efficiency. Optimize reports for better user experiences and faster access to critical information.

Report Performance Metrics
Report Performance Metrics

Loading indicator

We’ve also added a new loading indicator in the Bold Reports layout update! It improves the user experience by making report viewing smoother and more responsive. Now, reports load seamlessly and quickly, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Loading Indicator
Loading Indicator

Export setup

The layout update also includes a brand-new export setup feature! This powerful addition empowers you to define common settings for your exports, ensuring enhanced security. With just a few clicks, you can export your reports in popular formats such as PDF, Word, HTML, CSV, and PowerPoint. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of confidently and precisely exporting your reports in Bold Reports.

Export Setup
Export Setup

Page setup

Enjoy enhanced control over your reports’ page setup. Customize page units, define paper size, adjust margins, and tailor the orientation to your specific needs. Experience greater flexibility and precision in designing your reports with the improved page setup options. Upgrade now for a seamless reporting experience.

Page Setup
Page Setup

Report shared cache support

We have introduced a shared cache for reports with this release for Linux, Kubernetes, and Azure hosting. The shared cache allows you to effortlessly scale your application by storing the report processing data to the shared cache, ensuring consistent performance even under heavy loads. You can integrate this support into your existing applications easily, and also control expiration and caching strategies in your application.

Report shared cache support
Report shared cache support

Report Designer

Fresh theme updates

We have enhanced the Report Designer with a variety of new themes, including the following:

  • Bootstrap light theme
  • Bootstrap dark theme
  • Fluent light theme
  • Fluent dark theme
  • Tailwind light theme
  • Tailwind dark theme

This delivers significant advantages, such as enhanced rendering performance and an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Report Server

Custom Attribute

We have implemented a feature that enables users to configure custom attributes. These attributes are blocks of code that serve as parameters and can be substituted in any part of a query. The attribute name is replaced by the code, which is saved for each user who makes a report. The report is then rendered based on the substituted code. This feature offers flexibility and customization options to enhance the reporting system’s functionality.

XML-Based Report Editing and Saving

Bold Reports now allows users to edit reports using XML code directly, enabling precise modifications to the report’s structure, layout, and content. Saving the edited report in XML format enhances customization and version control capabilities.

Blob Storage

A new feature, blob storage support, has been introduced for Kubernetes deployments, enabling integration and efficient management of unstructured data within the Kubernetes environment. When users plan to upgrade the Kubernetes configuration or migrate the Kubernetes application to some other provider, they don’t need to worry about the resources. This will help users maintain the resources in the blob independent of the Kubernetes application.

Try the new ASP.NET Core sample browser

In this release, we are featuring an ASP.NET Core sample browser with the Try New Version edition of the Report Viewer component. With this addition, we have made it easier than ever to explore and experiment with Bold Reports.


We are excited to share these updates in Bold Reports 5.2 with you, and we hope you find them useful. Check them out and let us know what you think on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or Instagram. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. To keep saving time with your reporting solutions, stay tuned to Bold Reports.


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