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Export RDL/RDLC reports programmatically in C#

Programmatically create and export SSRS, RDL, and RDLC reports to PDF, Word, Excel and more.


ASP.NET MVC Report Writer is a powerful library that enables exporting of SSRS RDL and RDLC reports from various reporting applications. It supports silent printing of reports in multiple formats, such as PDF, Word, and Excel, without rendering or viewing from a report viewer control. The library also offers developer-friendly APIs to create reports programmatically without a user interface and allows customization of exporting options.

What you can do with ASP.NET MVC Report Writer

Reports from anywhere

Effortlessly create and export SSRS RDL and RDLC reports with the ASP.NET MVC Report Writer. With or without a report server, the writer allows easy access to reports from Microsoft SSRS, SSRS SharePoint, as well as applications, cloud storages, and databases.

The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer exports reports from external servers, Microsoft SSRS, SharePoint, your local system, or those embedded in any application.
The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer supports exporting files in different types of file formats.

Export formats

Export reports in commonly used file formats, like PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, XML, and HTML.

Create SSRS RDL/RDLC reports programmatically in C#​

Use simple APIs to create SSRS RDL/RDLC reports programmatically in C# and change report item properties without using a visual design interface.

Create SSRS RDL and RDLC reports programmatically in C# using the ASP.NET MVC Report Writer.
The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer can be connected to many report data sources.

Connect to any data source

Export reports created using a built-in data source, business object collection, or data processing extension against any data source:

  • BulletinBuilt-in data sources:
    Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure, SQL CE, XML, Microsoft Access, Oracle, OLEDB, and ODBC.
  • BulletinBusiness object data sources: IList, DataTable, and Dataset.
  • BulletinCustom data processing extensions: OData, SSAS, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more.

Eye-popping data visualization

Share insights by exporting reports containing a variety of report items using the ASP.NET MVC Report Writer:

  • BulletinBasic items: Text box, image, line, and rectangle.
  • BulletinData region items: Table, matrix (pivot table), and list.
  • BulletinData visualization: Charts, sparklines, data bars, gauges, indicators, and maps.
  • BulletinSubreports.
  • BulletinCustom report items: Barcodes, QR barcodes, and more.

The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer supports a variety of visually stunning report items.
Enhance your reports and emphasize important data on demand with the ASP.NET MVC Report Writer styling options.

Presentation-ready reports

Export reports with unmatched clarity by highlighting data on demand using the ASP.NET MVC Report Writer. Style your reports using the following data customization options:

  • BulletinHTML/rich text rendering
  • BulletinConditional formatting
  • BulletinSimple and complex expressions

Data shaping

Export organized and shaped data using the following options to make bolder business decisions:

  • BulletinSorting
  • BulletinFiltering
  • BulletinGrouping
  • BulletinSummaries and aggregates
  • BulletinCalculated fields

The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer allows exporting reports as documents that integrate data-shaping features such as data sorting, filtering, grouping, and calculated fields.
The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer allows using report parameters to modify data exported from SSRS RDL and RDLC reports on the fly.

Report parameters

Set the following parameter types to interact with the report on the fly to modify the data exported from RDL/RDLC reports:

  • BulletinCascading parameters
  • BulletinNon-queried parameters
  • BulletinQueried parameters
  • BulletinMultivalued parameters

Interactive reports

The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer exports reports with interactive features like drill down, hyperlinks, bookmarks or anchors, document map, sub-reports, and nested data regions.

The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer allows interactive features such as drilldowns, hyperlinks, bookmarks, and anchors to be utilized after exporting the report.
With the ASP.NET MVC Report Writer, it is possible to print reports without having to view or render them in the Report Viewer.

Silently print reports​

End users can silently print reports without viewing or rendering them in Report Viewer.

Encrypt and secure documents

Encrypt and password-protect exported documents with a range of low to high encryption standards.

The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer enables the use of encryption standards ranging from low to high to provide security for exported documents.
The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer provides developers with simple APIs to change export file formats.

Change the default file format​

Users can change the default file format to any other file format version that is supported by the selected file type. APIs are included for setting the format before exporting the document:

  • BulletinWord file formats: doc, docx, and more.
  • BulletinExcel file formats: xls, xlsx, and more.

Advanced layouts for merged cells

Report Writer supports additional export layouts in Word and Excel formats to eliminate tiny columns, rows, and merged cells. These layouts:

  • BulletinOvercome the merging problem with tiny cells, rows, and columns in SSRS Excel and Word exporting.
  • BulletinProvide clear readability by eliminating the tiny columns, rows, and merge cells.
  • BulletinAllow you to perform data manipulations such as sorting, filtering, and grouping in Excel.

The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer supports advanced layouts for merged cells when exporting to Excel and Word.
The ASP.NET MVC Report Writer offers APIs that are developer-friendly for the customization of all its features.

Developer-friendly APIs

You have control over all behaviors of the Report Writer to provide the best experience to your end users through a rich set of developer-friendly APIs.

Other supported frameworks