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Powerful Standalone Report Designer: Free Tool

Powerful Standalone Report Designer: Free Tool

Powerful Standalone Report Designer: Free Tool

We are excited to announce that Bold Reports by Syncfusion launched a brand-new standalone Report Designer in the v2.2.32 release.

The standalone Report Designer is a completely free, offline, desktop, report-designing tool. Using the designer, you can easily convert your raw data into meaningful and expressive reports. This tool provides a user interface comprising the WYSIWYG report design surface at the center, an item panel, toolbar, properties panel, data panel, parameters panel, and an image manager.

Standalone Report Designer Application
Standalone Report Designer Application

The designer empowers developers and analysts to design, edit, preview, and export paginated SSRS RDL and RDLC reports rich in data visualization. Both RDL and RDLC reports follow the similar XML schema format.

Download and installation

This setup is available for download under your account page. Download the setup and refer to the Installation user guide documentation for installation procedures. It is a single EXE file and comes with RDL and RDLC report designers. Individual application launchers are provided for RDL and RDLC designers.

Application shortcuts
Application Shortcuts

Differences between RDL and RDLC designers

A detailed description of differences between the RDL and RDLC designers are tabulated as follows.

Bold Reports DesignerBold Reports RDLC Designer
Design the 2008, 2010, and 2016 schema versions of report definition language (RDL) reports. The connection string and query details are stored within the reports in the form of data sources and data sets.Design the 2008, 2010, and 2016 schema versions of report definition language client-side (RDLC) reports. This format contains only meta-information of data set fields.
There are in-built data connectors for SQL, Oracle, OLEDB, ODBC, XML, and REST API data sources. Report data is processed by the in-built connectors using the connection string and query details, which are stored in the RDL report.There are no in-built data connectors. Instead, users are required to manually build data set fields and pass the data information to process the report.
The RDL reports can be published and uploaded to a SQL Reporting server and the Bold Reports server.RDLC reports are not suitable for server-side publishing and processing.
The RDL designer is recommended for users who want to publish reports to a server and access them from multiple applications using the single point (server).The RDLC designer is recommended for users who want to maintain a copy of the report definition in applications and pass data from the application level to process reports.

Starting the standalone Report Designer

From desktop shortcut:

  • Once you install the setup, two shortcuts will be created on your desktop: Bold Reports Designer and Bold Reports RDLC Designer.
  • Click on the required designer type.
  • The standalone Report Designer opens, and you can create or open a report.

From Start menu:

  • Once you install the setup, two shortcuts will be created on your desktop: Bold Reports Designer and Bold Reports RDLC Designer.
  • Click on the required designer type.
  • The standalone Report Designer opens, and you can create or open a report.

Key features

  • The WYSIWYG design surface comes with features such as grid lines and snap-to-grid operations for perfect positioning, sizing, and aligning of report items.
  • Major data providers connect to the designer easily to let you explore data and design reports with a wide range of data sources: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure, Oracle, OLEDB, ODBC, Web API, OData, JSON, and XML .
  • Powerful metrics from your data can be created and visualized using a variety of report items.
  • The data presentation of RDL and RDLC reports is modified using Report Parameters by interactively passing dynamic input at runtime.
  • The easy-to-use query designer interface allows users to create and view relationships between data within a few clicks.
  • Users can design and customize report data and the report presentation at runtime using parameter-based expressions.
  • End users can create highly customized reports. You can alter the report layout in preview by filtering, grouping, and sorting the data.
  • You can export reports in popular file formats: PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, XML, and HTML.
  • Newly created or existing reports can be previewed using the built-in report viewer.

How to create a new report

By default, the Report Designer application launches with an empty report. You can create a new report using New option in the toolbar at any time. Give the report a name to start your report authoring.

New Report
New Report

How to edit a report

To edit existing RDL and RDLC reports, launch the respective designer application and open the report using the Open option in the toolbar. Now, continue editing your report.

Edit report
Edit Report

How to preview a report

While designing a report, you can preview it to verify that it’s displaying correctly. Click on the Preview button in the toolbar to view the report.

Preview Report
Preview Report

How to save a report

You can directly download the designed report into your local machine using the Save option in the toolbar.

Save report
Save Report

How to design RDL and RDLC reports

Refer to the following user guide documentation to learn how to design simple RDL and RDLC reports using Bold Reports Designer:


We hope this blog post provided a clear overview of the standalone Report Designer product. You can track the new features and improvements on the Release History page. To explore further, go through our sample reports and Bold Reports documentation.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section. You can also contact us through our contact page or, if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

Bold Reports now comes with a 15-day free trial with no credit card information required. We welcome you to start a free trial and experience Bold Reports for yourself. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Stay tuned to our official TwitterFacebookLinkedInPinterest, and Instagram pages for announcements about upcoming releases.

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