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Feature-Rich ASP.NET WebForms Report Viewer


The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer efficiently accesses, displays, and interacts with SSRS RDL and RDLC reports from diverse data sources. It supports localization, multiple export formats (PDF, Excel, CSV) and customizable printing. Interactive features like drill-down, drill-through, hyperlinks and subreports enrich user experience. Seamlessly integrates with applications, offering role-based access control for security.

What you can do with ASP.NET WebForms Report Viewer

Reports from anywhere

Effortlessly access and view SSRS RDL and RDLC reports with the ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer. With or without a report server, the viewer allows easy access to reports from Microsoft SSRS, SSRS SharePoint, as well as applications, cloud storages, and databases.

View reports from any server or embed them in apps using the ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer.
The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer connects to any data source using a variety of data providers.

Connect to any data source

Consume data from a wide variety of data providers that are in local or server databases:

  • BulletinBuilt-in data sources:
    Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure, SQL CE, XML, Microsoft Access, Oracle, OLEDB, and ODBC.
  • BulletinBusiness object data sources: IList, DataSet, and DataTable.
  • BulletinCustom data processing extensions: MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and more.

Eye-popping data visualization

The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer displays reports that provide information, insights, and trends:

  • BulletinBasic items: Text box, image, line, and rectangle.
  • BulletinData region items: Table, matrix (pivot table), and list.
  • BulletinData visualization: Charts, sparklines, data bars, gauges, indicators, and maps.
  • BulletinSubreports.
  • BulletinCustom report items: Barcodes, QR barcodes, and more.

The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer shows beautiful reports with eye-popping data visualization items.
Presentation-ready reports with charts and rich formatting using the ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer.

Presentation-ready reports

Visualize your information with unmatched clarity by highlighting data on demand using the ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer. Supported data customization options include:

  • BulletinHTML/rich text rendering.
  • BulletinConditional formatting.
  • BulletinSimple and complex expressions.

Data shaping

View organized and shaped data to make bolder business decisions using the following techniques:

  • BulletinSorting
  • BulletinFiltering
  • BulletinGrouping
  • BulletinSummaries and aggregates
  • BulletinCalculated fields

The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer provides organized data reports with sorting, grouping, filtering, and calculated fields.
The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer showing a product line sales report with cascading report parameters.

Report parameters

  • BulletinCascading parameters
  • BulletinNon-queried parameters
  • BulletinQueried parameters
  • BulletinMultivalued parameters
  • BulletinCustom parameter layouts

Interactive reports

The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer displays data in data regions that support user interactions at runtime with features like drill down, drill through, hyperlinks, bookmarks or anchors, document map, sub-reports, and nested data regions.

The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer supports drillthrough, drill-down, and hyperlinks in reports.
ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer displaying product sales report in multiple columns.

Multicolumn reports

Allows the user to visualize the data across multiple adjacent columns such as mail merge, business cards, newspaper, and more.

Print preview

Provides support to set up print options like paper size, margins, and orientation of the printable output and preview the result.

Change the page settings and print preview the output using the ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer.
The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer provides built-in printing and exporting options.

Print and export

Effortlessly print and export report contents by just clicking the print/export option in the toolbar. The most popular file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, XML, and HTML are supported.


Supports complete customization to entirely change the appearance of the toolbar and parameter layout to fit your application’s look and feel.

The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer toolbar and component elements are easily customizable.
The built-in color themes in ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer allows developers to create visually appealing reporting applications.

Stunning built-in themes

Pixel-perfect built-in themes are available in Material, Bootstrap, and Fabric designs. In addition, the library comes with an accessible high-contrast theme.

Developer-friendly APIs

You have control over all UI elements (toolbar, parameter block, page, and dialogs) and behaviors of the ASP.NET WebForms Report Viewer. It provides the best user experience to users through a rich set of developer-friendly APIs.

Developer-friendly APIs are available in the ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer.
All elements of the ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer component can be localized.

Globalization and localization

Easily build applications to be used by a global audience in various languages using culture settings and localizing static text.

Responsive rendering

ASP.NET WebForms Report Viewer will adaptively render itself with optimal user interfaces for phone, tablet, or desktop form factors. This allows your application to scale elegantly on all kinds of devices.

The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer responsively renders in all devices.
The ASP.NET Web Forms Report Viewer is compatible with all modern browsers.

Browser compatibility

Works in all modern browsers on all devices as the ASP.NET WebForms Report Viewer is rendered using HTML5 elements.

Other supported frameworks